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Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

from £3995 / £83.84pm

Breast augmentation completed by us will provide you with the natural increase that you desire.

From the beginning, my patient coordinator was attentive and constantly kept in touch, and was always easy to reach out to.

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Your Dream Look

Resize & Reshape

Resizing & reshaping your breasts can truly change the way you look & feel. It brings more confidence and allows you to enjoy clothing that enhances your body. We care about your results.

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At The Right Price

From £3995 / £83.84pm

We quite possibly offer the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery on the UK market due to our independently owned hospitals and our strong relationships with our surgeons.

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Body Transformation

Improve the way you feel about your body with affordable surgery from Enhance Medical. We can improve your appearance using popular enlargement, reduction and reshaping surgery.

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Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation, breast enhancement, or commonly referred to as a boob job) is an operation that will make your breasts larger through breast implant insertion. There are many reasons women choose to go ahead with breast enlargement surgery. Popular reasons include a genuine desire to have larger breasts, you feel self conscious that one breast is smaller than the other or you have noticed a difference in appearance after pregnancy. In some cases, patients may feel that a breast uplift mastopexy is more suited to their requirements after receiving expert advice during the free consultatation.

Breast enlargement surgery will not only improve the volume and shape of your bust, but your self-esteem and confidence levels will get a boost too.  Our leading team of surgeons ensures the safe and professional completion of your breast enlargement or preferred procedure. Here at Enhance Medical Group we understand the importance of self image and always aim to provide you with the results that you desire.

Breast enlargement surgery is the most common enhancement procedure carried out in the UK.


Prior to undergoing surgery, you will meet with your surgeon to discuss, in detail, your planned procedure. Implant position will depend upon your body type and your preferred profile following the treatment.

Subglandular Implants positions the implants on top of the pectoral muscles in your chest, and under your glands. Subglandular implants settle into position quickly and will not interfere with pectoral muscle movement.

Submuscular Implants positions the implants under the glands and pectoral muscles. Submuscular implants provide a natural appearance and remain well supported in their subpectoral pockets.

During the breast augmentation procedure your surgeon will make a small incision in the crease under your breast, and create a pocket for your new implant. The implant will then be carefully inserted into the pocket so that it fits in the optimum position. Following this your surgeon will close the incision and dress the wound.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

To ensure you benefit from safe breast enlargement surgery, we employ surgeons that are highly qualified and fully licensed. This means that they are registered with and licensed by the General Medical Council (GMC). We have surgeons that specialise in breast surgery. By employing specialists we can confidently provide you with the breast increase that you desire.

Aftercare and Recovery

We recommend taking a week to recover from breast surgery, so be sure to arrange this with your employers.  Wearing a chest strap, or a post-operative bra can help to speed up the recovery process.  Your surgeon will provide you with any other information you need. More information can be read in our post-operative booklet.

Following a cosmetic surgery procedure; our patients’ can rest with ease knowing they will receive free aftercare which includes continued support from their patient care coordinator, unlimited access to an experienced member of the nursing team and periodic reviews from their Surgeon. We have an experienced senior nurse on-call out of hours to support our patients so they can reach someone 24/7. In the unlikely event it is needed, we have additional hospital stays available and can accommodate patients should there be an emergency. Our patients receive surgical coverage for 12 Months.

Many of our staff have gone ahead with similar procedures themselves. They will be more than happy to answer questions and discuss their personal journey to give you the confidence needed to move forward with the surgery.

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Read through frequently asked questions that are asked during the free consultation. If you have any further questions please contact us.

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  • What Size Can My Breasts Be Increased To?

    The surgeon will usually endeavour to increase your breast size by a minimum of 2 sizes (eg A-C, B-D cup). However, there may be limitations to this which your surgeon will discuss with you. We aim to reach your desired size and shape, but patient safety is always our primary concern when completing breast enlargement surgery.

  • Where Do The Implants Go – Under Or Over The Muscle?

    During the consultation process you will spend time with your surgeon discussing the positioning of the implant. They will help you to achieve your preferred look by taking into account your physical characteristics and tailoring the procedure accordingly.

    ‘Sub muscular’ – implant placed partially or totally under the pectoralis major muscle.

    ‘Sub glandular’ – implant placed on top of the muscle and over the glands.

  • Will My Breasts Look and Feel Natural After Breast Enlargement Surgery?

    Once your breasts have settled, yes they will have a natural look and feel.  You can, however, expect your breasts to feel very firm, swollen and pert during the first few weeks following breast enlargement surgery.  This is both normal and temporary.

  • How Do I Know Which Size to Go For?

    At Enhance Medical Group we are proud to be able to offer the Mentor Volume Sizing System when we provide you with breast enlargement surgery. Very detailed measurements are collated during the consultation.

  • Will I Need To Take Time Off Work After My Breast Enlargement?

    It is sensible to allow for between 7 and 10 days to recover and return to work.  If your job involves lifting or carrying then we may advise you to take a little longer.  The surgeon will be happy to assist with any medical certificates that you may require.

  • Will My Breasts Be Painful Afterwards?

    Whilst every patient is unique, we find that most claim to experience some level of discomfort, rather than pain.  It is usual to feel sore and tender, and to experience some level of post-operative bruising and swelling over the treated areas.

  • Can I Speak To Someone Who Has Had Breast Enlargement Surgery?

    Yes, of course. In fact, several of our team have undergone some type of cosmetic procedure.  They, along with many of our patients, will be happy to answer any of your questions – and no doubt show off the results!

  • Do you have any information about post operative care?

    Yes, if you are looking for more information about breast enlargement post operative care, we advice that you read through our post-operative care booklet

  • Why would I need to have my implants replaced?

    There are several reasons you may need your breast implants replaced.  You may wish to alter the size or shape for aesthetic purposes, or maybe your body has undergone changes as a result of pregnancy or fluctuations in weight.  Whatever the reason, we are here to guide you.

  • Will there be any discomfort after replacing implants?

    Any discomfort experienced should be significantly less that when the implants were initially positioned.  This is largely due to the fact that the pocket, or capsule has already been established.

Can't praise Enhance enough

Can't praise Enhance enough all the staff absolutely amazing from day 1 of consultation right through to post op and even still now, good communication I would 100% recommend enhance to anyone who is looking into getting a breast enlargement. My surgeon was amazing and my PCC has been so supportive and all nurses are absolutely amazing!

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