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Compression garments and post surgery clothing including bras are an essential purchase. They aid recovery and help reduce the chances of any bruising or swelling that you may experience after surgery. They are also the ideal purchase if you have been through a surgical procedure that creates contours such as liposuction or liposculture. The garment will maintain the new shape and ensure that you get the desired outcome that meets your expectations and desires.

Surgeon Approved

Dr. Antonio Ottaviani

When you spend time & money investing in yourself and your surgery we want to ensure you use the best products to provide compression and to help you during your recovery - your post op garments are an essential part of your Enhance Journey, and these garments will support you from the moment you leave the operating theatre through to feeling supported months down the line. That is why we offer our patients LIPOELASTIC compression garments.

How to measure and choose the right size of Post-Operative Bra?

To select the right size of your bra, please measure yourself properly with measuring tape.
Measure the circumference under the breast, where the band of the bra usually sits.
Measure the breast circumference at the fullest part.
Note both numbers down. Look up a bra at on our shop and follow the size chart to get the right size.

Here are some useful tips for the right measurements
1. TIP – Measure yourself without underwear.
2. TIP – Stand upright and make sure your measuring tape is horizontal with the ground.
3. TIP – During measuring, do not tighten the measuring tape: it must touch your body properly but must not be too tight or too loose