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Improve the appearance of your body with safe and affordable surgery.

So happy with Enhance everybody was so lovely and reassuring going out of my comfort zone and everybody made me so comfortable. Thank you all so much

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Body Transformation

Improve the way you feel about your body with affordable surgery from Enhance Medical. We can improve your appearance using popular liposuction and contouring procedures.

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From £2750

We quite possibly offer the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery on the UK market due to our independently owned hospitals and our strong relationships with our surgeons.

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We provide a free consultation to ensure you get all the information and advice you need. We are a professional practice that perform safe and affordable cosmetic surgery.

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Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgery is a popular procedure for those wishing to tackle loose or sagging skin.  This type of surgery has shown to significantly increase confidence levels of patients who, as a result, fell much more at home in their own skin.  Your clothes will fit more comfortably, and your silhouette will display smoother contours.

Body shaping procedures that we provide include liposuction for your neck and chin, arm and stomach.

This is a safe procedure, and you will be guided through the process by one of our highly experienced surgeons. Any questions or concerns you have will be covered in a thorough consultation and you will be advised upon the most appropriate procedure to enable you to achieve your desired results. We will never start any treatment until you have understood and are happy with the plan outlined by both you and your surgeon.


You will be partnered with a Patient Care Co-ordinator during and after the body shaping procedure.  They will be on hand to address any queries or concerns, and to be a consistent point of contact throughout.

Whether you are looking for body contouring surgery to lose weight, or simply wish to improve the overall appearance of your arms, neck or chin, we are here to help.  Our finance package and competitive pricing structure make this even more achievable.

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  • Liposuction


    From £2750

    Remove unwanted fat and improve hard to change areas with safe and affordable liposuction. The perfect option to improve body confidence.

  • Liposculpture


    From £2750

    Improve muscle tone and shape. Similar to liposuction this procedure provides a desired shape whilst reducing the appearance of fat.

  • Tummy Tuck

    Tummy Tuck

    From £5495

    Reduce unwanted areas of fat and improve the appearance of your stomach and abs. This is a popular procedure for both men and women.

  • Thigh Lift

    Thigh Lift

    From £6750

    Get the thighs you always wanted with a safe and affordable thigh lift procedure. This improves shape and reduces the appearance of fat.

  • Arm Lift

    Arm Lift

    From £6195

    Feel happier about the appearance of your arms with a safe and affordable arm lift procedure. We reduce unwanted fat and skin.

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    We provide a free consultation to ensure you are happy with the option desire. Pricing and finance can be discussed during the consultation.

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  • Book A Consultation

    Book Your Free Consultation

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    We provide a free consultation, so you are 100% comfortable before going ahead with the procedure. We have clinics located in key areas throughout the UK.

  • Competitive Prices

    Competitive Prices

    From £2750

    We have made key business decisions to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible. We also offer affordable monthly payment options through finance.

  • 5 Star Reviews

    5* Star Reviews

    We collect reviews on independent review sites to ensure you are completely confident in the surgical option we provide. We always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction.