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Men Gynaecomastia


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Remove ‘man boobs’ with male chest reduction. We aim to boost your body confidence and self esteem through a high standard procedure and leading aftercare.

I had a great experience with Enhance Medical Group. The whole team is amazing and guide you all along the process. They really cared for me and treated me like family.

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Achieve your dream look with safe and affordable male cosmetic surgery. We are a team of specialist cosmetic surgeons who are passionate about getting the results you desire.

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We offer male chest reduction surgery at a great price to ensure no one has to miss out. We even offer monthly payment options through finance so you don't have to wait! We never compromise on quality and do everything right to get you the best results.

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We hire the highest trained surgeons to guarantee you get the best results without affecting your safety during the procedure. When it comes to your safety, we use leading equipment, maintain full hygiene and guide you throughout the whole process

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Male Gynecomastia Treatment

Choosing to go ahead with gynecomastia treatment is a great decision if you are unhappy with the appearance of your chest. Many men will feel self-conscious if they are unhappy with the size, shape or appearance of their chest. It is a very masculine area of the body which is why many men aim to get the best size and shape through gym activities and exercise. If you are struggling to remove stubborn fatty areas from around your chest, you should opt for male chest reduction. The techniques used are similar to liposuction. By choosing this procedure you will gain the added confidence needed to go forward in life and get the results you always dreamed of. The operation is quick and has a very short recovery period which makes it a realistic and popular option to get your body looking the way you want it to!

Male Chest Reduction Surgery

The surgery itself will reduce areas of excess fat that are creating the appearance of ‘man boob’s. This is done by making a small incision around the nipple (lower half) and then carrying out the liposuction. It is a procedure that is completed under general Anaesthesia and typically takes around 1-2 hours to get the best results. It is a day case procedure. Any information relating to the price of the surgery or what is required to guarantee the best results can be discussed during the free consultation.

We offer monthly payment options so you do not have to wait for your surgery. Full pricing details will include the procedure as well as other necessities such as your overnight stay and any aftercare required.

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Learn more about male gynecomastia and what you should expect during the surgerical procedure. More detailed information will be provided during the free consultation.

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  • What is male gynecomastia?

    Male gynecomastia is a condition that causes men to gain breast tissues around the chest. This is caused by a hormone imbalance or excess fat around the chest.

  • Is male gynecomastia treatment safe?

    We have successfully completed many male chest reduction procedures safely. We hire leading surgeons and provide them with the best equipment available to ensure your surgery goes ahead safely, guaranteeing the best results.

  • How long will it take to recover after surgery?

    It takes several weeks to recover from the surgery. You will notice swelling and bruising at first but this can be managed through rest and pain relief. We recommend that you plan to take at least one week off work to reduce any risk of increasing the recovery process.

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Op date 14/01- everyone was lovely made me feel at ease as was pretty nervous been waiting over ten years for this day! So far happy can’t wait to see results, I have first wound care app this Friday! Thank you so much would def recommend

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