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Breast Surgery

from £3495

Improve the appearance of your breasts with affordable surgery options.

I would definitely recommend Enhance for anyone considering any sort of surgery.

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Breast Enlargement Banner Image

Breast Surgery

from £3495

Improve the appearance of your breasts with affordable surgery options.

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I would definitely recommend Enhance for anyone considering any sort of surgery.

I would definitely recommend Enhance for anyone considering any sort of surgery.

Your Dream Look

Resize & Reshape

Many women achieve their dream look by going ahead with breast surgery. Whether you want implants, reshaping, uplifts or reduction we can help achieve the look and feel you truly desire.

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At The Right Price

From £3495

We quite possibly offer the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery on the UK market due to our independently owned hospitals and our strong relationships with our surgeons.

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The Safest Option

Body Transformation

Improve the way you feel about your body with affordable surgery from Enhance Medical. We can improve your appearance using popular enlargement, reduction and reshaping surgery.

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If you are unhappy or uncomfortable with the size or shape of your breasts you can opt for safe and affordable breast surgery (commonly referred to as a boob job) with Enhance Medical. We can provide all breast procedures including breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast implants and breast lifts.

From years of experience helping women throughout the UK, we have found that well-performed breast surgery that includes an initial consultation improves body confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to the confidence gained from breast surgery, physical aspects such as posture can also be significantly improved making your work life and personal life more enjoyable each day.

Leading Breast Plastic Surgery

In many cases, we find that women who have been through life-changing events such as childbirth, breast cancer or significant weight loss decide to have cosmetic breast surgery. By using advanced methods and leading breast surgery knowledge and expertise we can create the desired size, shape and appearance for you.

We provide the highest level of care to ensure you are 100% comfortable throughout the whole process. We have multiple hospitals located throughout the UK to ensure our expertise can be offered throughout the whole of the UK. Once you have decided to go ahead with breast surgery, you will be appointed a patient care co-ordinator who will guide you through the decision-making process and answer any questions you may have.

We are a highly professional team and provide full confidentiality. Please feel comfortable to contact us if you have any questions and would like to book a free consultation. All of our surgeons have been through the required high level of training and have the necessary qualifications to guarantee a successful surgery.

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  • Breast Enlargement


    From £4250

    Improve your physical appearance and enjoy larger breasts through augmentation surgery now.

  • Breast Reduction


    From £6995

    Benefit from breast reduction surgery. Relieve pressure from your body and fit the clothes you want.

  • Breast Lift


    From £5695

    Become more body confident with a Mastopexy. We can improve your physical appearance.

  • Breast Implants


    From £4495

    Resize or reshape your breasts with implant profiles suited to your shape. We use leading Mentor implants.

  • Tubular Breasts


    From £3995

    Improve the shape of your breasts and gain body confidence with affordable tubular correction breast surgery.

  • Asymmetry Breasts


    From £3995

    Create an even look with asymmetry correction breast surgery. Feel more comfortable with your appearance.

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  • Joesph House

    Competitive Prices

    From £2750

    We have made key business decisions to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible. We also offer affordable monthly payment options through finance.

  • 5 Star Reviews

    5* Star Reviews

    We collect reviews on independent review sites to ensure you are completely confident in the surgical option we provide. We always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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