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Face Surgery

from £3495

Improve areas that make you unhappy with safe and affordable face surgery.

I really want to thank you…. I really recommend Enhance Medical Group…All the stuff was amazing and the way they treated me made me feel safe.

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Your Dream Look

Cheeks, Forehead and More

Facial surgery is the ideal procedure for anyone wishing to reshape or reposition areas of the face. Popular choices include nose reshaping, eye bag removal, face lifts, ear pinning and ear reshaping.

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From £3495

We quite possibly offer the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery on the UK market due to our independently owned hospitals and our strong relationships with our surgeons.

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Facial Enhancements

Improve the way you feel about your appearance with affordable surgery. We can improve areas around your face using popular procedures including face lifts and ear pinning.

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Face Cosmetic Surgery

Today’s patients are continuing to seek alternatives to traditional cosmetic procedures. Facial cosmetic surgery has come a long way over recent years and the advances in technology alone have provided the industry with a wider choice of much less invasive procedures.

Facial Procedures

Enhance Medical Group specialises in a variety of facial surgery and rejuvenation procedures focused on enhancing your natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in a Face lift, Eyelid surgery or a corrective Otoplasty surgery, our distinguished team of Enhance Medical Group surgeons are specialists in facial cosmetic surgeries designed to enhance every area of your face and minimise the recovery period.

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  • Rhinoplasty


    From £5495

    Become more confident with nose surgery designed to resize and reshape. Great for anyone looking to increase self esteem.

  • Blepharoplasty


    From £3495

    Remove excess skin and reduce the appearance of droopy eyelids. Rejuvenate and regain your youthful and energetic looks.

  • Fillers

    Face Lift

    From £5995

    Distinguish your facial features with surgery designed to enhance the way you look. Remove excess skin from around the face and appear younger.

  • Neck Lift

    Neck Lift

    From £6495

    Feel more confident and less self conscious about your appearance by improving your neck. Designed to reduce fat and remove excess skin.

  • Ear Reshaping

    Ear Reshaping

    From £3495

    Reshape your ear to gain the specific facial appearance you desire. Perfect for anyone who is unhappy about the size or position of their ears.

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  • Competitive Prices

    Competitive Prices

    From £3495

    We have made key business decisions to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible. We also offer affordable monthly payment options through finance.

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