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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

from £5695

Lift and reshape the appearance of your breasts without the need for implants or reduction.

I definitely think I got my money’s worth, and if I was to ever consider cosmetic surgery in the future I feel quite confident in going with this practice once again.

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Resize & Reshape

Breast uplifts aim to build self-esteem. They will not only enhance your silhouette, but help you to achieve the inner confidence you deserve. They can alter both the profile and size of your breasts.

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From £5695

We quite possibly offer the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery on the UK market due to our independently owned hospitals and our strong relationships with our surgeons.

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Improve the way you feel about your body with affordable surgery from Enhance Medical. We can improve your appearance using popular enlargement, reduction and reshaping surgery.

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Breast Lift Surgery

Also referred to as mastopexy, breast lift surgery aims to remove excess skin and tighten tissue to achieve the lifting and shaping of our breasts. Often included in a ‘mummy makeover’ package, a breast lift can improve your figure and overall body confidence. If your breasts are less full following pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss then this may be the procedure for you. Alternatively, if your breasts have dropped as a natural consequence of the ageing process then this is a good option to consider.

It is a popular choice to combine mastopexy with breast implant surgery. Mastopexy surgery is performed to reshape and lift the breast and involves the repositioning of breast tissues and tightening of the skin to increase firmness. Lift surgery is not necessarily designed to increase the size of the breast but by choosing to combine procedures and using the right implant profile, you can benefit from increased size alongside a cosmetic appearance that will make you happier and more confident. It is likely that uplift surgery will make your chest appear larger but if you wish to physically increase the size, our expert team can recommend the best options available for you.

Breast Uplift Surgery

During your pre-operative consultation, your surgeon will examine your breasts and explain the operation in detail. There are several different ways to achieve a breast lift, and your particular procedure will vary depending on your physical characteristics and the results you want to achieve. Tissue and skin are removed around your areola. Tissue and skin are removed around your areola and also below your areola in a keyhole shape. Tissue and skin are removed around your areola, below your areola and also horizontally along the crease in your breast.

Every breast uplift procedure is performed by our expert surgeons with the utmost care and professionalism.  We will keep you fully informed through every step of the process and will only ever work within your guidelines. Many women take a week or more off after breast lift surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with comprehensive instructions for the recovery period, and may advise that you wear a special post-operative bra for a few months as your breasts settle.

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Read through the frequently asked questions patients ask about breast uplift procedures during the free consultation. If you have any questions of your own please let us know. We are here to help ensure you are completely comfortable before proceeding with the procedure.

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  • How do I know if breast lift surgery is right for me?

    Only after careful consideration and discussion with your surgeon will we proceed with any form of treatment.  In general, the method of surgery and achievable results are often determined by the amount of loose skin in the breast. 


    The scar for a standard mastopexy is often placed around the nipple, from the nipple to the natural crease under the breast and then along the crease of the breast. Various methods may use different scars. All surgery requires a scar and all scars take time to soften and fade. You will not see the final appearance of your scar until up to a year after surgery. The scar is usually red and raised for the first month or two after your operation.


    As with all procedures, the results vary from patient to patient.  However, we tend to see the best results from women with small, somewhat sagging breasts.  Larger breasts will often succumb to the force of gravity and overtime the breasts can sag.  It is advisable to postpone any surgery of this kind until after you have had children.  Pregnancy can cause the breasts to stretch, thus counteracting the results.


    When too much volume has been lost to achieve a full breast shape an implant will be necessary. In some cases a breast enlargement is performed at the same time to increase the overall size of the bust.


    No, in most cases the milk ducts are cut when the breasts are being repositioned during the operation, preventing breast feeding in the future.

Great from start to finish

I'm a few weeks post-op and so far everything has gone smoothly and just fine! From the beginning, my patient coordinator was attentive and constantly kept in touch, and was always easy to reach out to. I had made some inquiries with a few other places beforehand and had found myself disappointed with their customer service and treatment. In comparison, I found everyone in Enhance Medical was informative, easy to contact, and friendly. The surgery itself went just fine, and I was surprised by how little I had to actually wait for it. (The place was also very big on being Covid secure and I felt happy seeing the lengths they went to to make sure there was no risk of infection). I definitely think I got my money's worth, and if I was to ever consider cosmetic surgery in the future I feel quite confident in going with this practice once again.

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