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Breast Implants

Breast Implants

from £4,495

Increase the size of your breasts and get the look you have always wanted. All implant profiles are available.

I found everyone in Enhance Medical was informative, easy to contact, and friendly.

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Breast Implants

Breast Implants

from £4,495

Increase the size of your breasts and get the look you have always wanted. All implant profiles are available.

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I found everyone in Enhance Medical was informative, easy to contact, and friendly.

I found everyone in Enhance Medical was informative, easy to contact, and friendly.

Your Dream Look

All Sizes & Profiles Available

Implants are a great way to enhance the way your breasts look and feel. We provide leading surgery and offer all implant sizes & profiles. Implant removal is also available.

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At The Right Price

From £3995

We quite possibly offer the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery on the UK market due to our independently owned hospitals and our strong relationships with our surgeons.

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The Safest Option

Mentor Silicone Implants

We use high quality implants from Mentor, a Johnson & Johnson brand. These silicone implants are backed by leading research and have proven to provide great results.

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Breast Implants

Our preferred supplier of breast implants is ‘Mentor’ (a Johnson and Johnsons brand). In our opinion, they offer the most natural look and feel, more closely resembling breast tissue. These implants are available in either a smooth or textured shell, and your consultant will advise you which to choose, depending on the size and profile you desire. Mentor put a great deal of care and consideration into every implant they produce, as well as providing a comprehensive protection warranty and the guarantee of comfort.

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Mentor Promise Protection Plan

When it comes to implants we use the leading brand Mentor (a Johnson & Johnson product). We have found that this implant provides the best comfort and visual results. All Mentor implants are backed by a full warranty. The Mentor Promise Protection Plan gives you complete peace of mind and free product replacement in the event of Capsular Contracture, Double Capsule and Late Stage Seroma. The Mentor Promise plan has free and automatic enrollment making life easier for you. Choosing to go ahead with breast implants is a personal choice. We aim to make it as comfortable as possible for you by providing a free consultation. We will also discuss payment options including our monthly payment arrangements.

  • Free lifetime product replacement for rupture

  • Up to €1000 financial assistance coverage for rupture

  • Free product replacement in the events of capsular contracture (Baker III/IV), double capsule and late stage seroma

  • Free contralateral implant at your surgeon’s request

Breast Implant Surgery and Profiles

Deciding on what type of breast implant profile to have can be tricky but it is often overlooked and can also be misunderstood. Implant profile describes the shape of an implant and how far it will project forward, ranging from low profile breast implants to extra high profile breast implants. When comparing two breast implants of the same size (using cubic centilitres), the implant which has a narrower base appears to stick out more from the chest and therefore has a higher profile as opposed to an implant with a wider base which remains closer to the chest and has a lower profile.

Breast Implant Profiles

  • Low Profile

    Low Profile Implants

    Low profile implants have the widest base diameter and therefore the least projection. They appear flat in comparison to implants with higher profiles and are best suited to women with a broader frame. These type of breast implants often provides a more natural look and results in a boosted cleavage.

  • Moderate Profile

    Moderate Profile Implants

    Moderate profile implants are the best compromise between low profile and high profile implants. The medium-sized base allows the breasts to display the perfect balance of volume and cleavage while still remaining relatively natural-looking. This profile is most suitable for women with a medium-sized frame.

  • High Profile

    High Profile Implants

    High profile implants provide a fuller and rounder breast compared to low and medium. The narrow base width of the implant makes them perfect for petite women who want to achieve a dramatic increase in breast size.

  • Extra High Profile

    Extra High Profile Implants

    Extra high profile implants are very similar to higher profile implants but they have an even narrower base diameter. As a result, they provide the largest projection available. They are the perfect option for anyone looking for significantly fuller and rounder breasts.


Read for frequently asked questions about breast implant surgery here. These are questions that are regularly asked during the free consultation.

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  • Should I have time off work for the recovery period?

    We advise you to book 1-2 weeks off work in order for the surgery and recovery process to yield the best results.

  • How long is the surgical procedure?

    Typically breast implant surgery lasts between 60 mins and 90 mins.

  • Will I be put to sleep for the surgery?

    Yes, you will be put to sleep through general anaesthesia. Full information about this will be discussed during the consultation.

  • Will there be any scarring after the surgery?

    In most cases, no. Scars from the surgery start to fade around 6 weeks into recovery. It is likely that there will be a small incision under the breast that is visible but will not be noticeable unless you are actively looking for the marking.

  • Do you offer breast implant removal?

    Yes, as well as providing breast implant surgery we also offer removal. This is the ideal choice for women who have had a significant lifestyle change or wish to remove their existing implants that have reached the end of their lifespan.

  • What are textured surface implants?

    Textured surface implants have a rougher surface that is used to prevent the implant from moving around without the pocket created during surgery. The advantage of textured surface implants is that they are less likely to become repositioned.

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