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Breast Implant Under or Over Muscle Cover Image

Should I have Breast Implants Under the Muscle vs Over?

Breast Implant Under or Over Muscle Cover Image

Should I have Breast Implants Under the Muscle vs Over?

Breast Implant Under The Muscle Vs Over

There’s so much to think about when you’re considering breast surgery of any kind . What’s the best size, shape and profile for me? How much will it cost? How long will it take to recover? And that’s just for starters. You need to get yourself educated on your options – are there any drawbacks? What are the benefits? As you start to understand more about what the procedure involves you will need to consider the implications of placing the breast implant under the muscle vs over.

When you approach the team at Enhance Medical Group you will find them knowledgeable and understanding. There is unlikely to be any question that they haven’t had to answer before. So, if you want to know the pros and cons of placing the breast implant under the muscle vs over, just ask. You will get honest, easy to digest answers and no procedure will be planned until you are completely comfortable with all aspects of the treatment. When you are confident that you understand the implications of both procedures then you and your surgeon can decide upon the most suitable course of action.

However, before you consider the pros and cons of having the breast implant under the muscle vs over you will also need to take into account your current body type and the results you hope to achieve.

Do you have an abundance of natural breast tissue to start with, or are your breasts more naturally small? If it’s the former then breast implants over the muscle (the sub glandular technique), will probably be advised. This method is most commonly applied to women with naturally larger breasts, although the option to go down this route is open to everyone. However, it isn’t generally recommended for women with very little natural breast tissue.

Breast Implants Over The Muscle

Choosing to have breast implants over the muscle can help to produce a more pronounced, natural look. It’s also possible to use larger implants during this procedure as the muscle does not have to be manipulated or stretched over the implant. Instead, it is place over the muscle which then acts as an internal support to the implant. If you are looking to achieve implants that are more likely to mimic breast tissue, then this is undoubtedly the way to go. It’s vital that the implants are properly sized prior to surgery. Your Enhance Medical team will have advised and guided you throughout the consultation phase to ensure that the most appropriately sized implants have been selected. Once this has been agreed upon it’s down to the surgeon to position the implants correctly to achieve a more natural appearance if that’s what you’re looking for.

Let’s now consider now the option of having breast implants under the muscle vs over. This technique has been used for many years and was initially the only method adopted. It remains a popular choice for many women and your Enhance Medical team will discuss whether this is the best choice for you.

Breast Implants Under The Muscle

For women who are naturally more petite, or those who have naturally smaller breasts, then under the muscle breast implants (sub muscular) is often the preferred option. The implant is usually placed on top of the smaller pectoral muscle and below the greater pectoral muscle. This allows the implant to remain isolated from the natural breast tissue. With the muscle acting as a barrier between implant and breast tissue there is much less chance of capsular contracture (the forming of scar tissue around the implant). There is also the added benefit that the muscles surrounding the implant will do a great job of holding it in place. It also allows for a much smoother line from the chest wall to the implant. This helps to achieve the more natural result of the two options, so it’s worth taking into account when deciding between breast implants under the muscle vs over.


Before reaching your final decision it’s worth considering the differences in the surgical procedure itself and the recovery period post-surgery.

The surgical procedure involved if you choose to have your implants over the muscle is the easier and less invasive method. The muscle doesn’t have to be moved or cut in any way and this results in less discomfort afterwards. This makes for a quicker and less painful recovery period, ideal if you have limited time to fully recoup following the procedure. Expect to spend a few days fully resting before resuming light activities and returning to work.

Choosing under the muscle breast implants vs over has its advantages. Your results will be more natural looking, as the implant will be largely covered by the major pectoral muscle. This means that from the outside there will be no visible signs of an implant, just the natural breast tissue. The procedure itself is more invasive than the alternative option. The major muscle must be cut in order to put the implant in place. Following the procedure, you may notice that the implants distort a little as the chest muscles contract. You may also experience some loss of strength in this area for a while. Recovery times tend to be longer and more uncomfortable due to the more complex surgery, so make sure you prepare for this before you book any type of procedure.

Wherever the implant has been placed it is vital that you follow post operative care advice from the professionals. Discomfort and pain are quite normal and can be effectively managed with pain killers. Usually, paracetamol or ibuprofen will be sufficient, but in some cases, morphine may be prescribed. To give yourself the best chance of a smooth, successful recovery you will be directed not to change your bra for 7 days and to wear any other recovery garment suggested. This will ensure your breasts are kept in position as they heal. You will need to keep the wound dry and advice will be given on the best way to achieve this when showering. Exercise is to be avoided for 6-12 weeks, depending on your individual case, and flying after 2 – 6 weeks is possible, again depending upon your individual circumstances. It’s vitally important that you attend all wound care appointments as this will allow you to ask any questions. It will also give you peace of mind to know that you are being carefully monitored – your recovery is as important as the procedure itself.

Enhance Medical Group are renowned for providing honest, helpful advice both before and after surgery. The Enhance Boob Buddies are a fountain of knowledge and you’ll be getting first-hand, truthful accounts of their experiences. You will never be left feeling as though you don’t have all the information you need. Enhance are dedicated to providing the best pre and post operative care to every individual, which is why so many of their previous clients are happy to sing their praises. Whatever you’re considering you need to speak to Enhance Medical before making any decisions. They will be delighted to hear from you.