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Breast Lift

Breast Enlargement Advice from our Boob Buddies

Breast Lift

Breast Enlargement Advice from our Boob Buddies

Breast Enlargement Advice

It will probably come as no surprise that breast enlargement is the most popular cosmetic procedure chosen by women in the UK. It’s likely that you have spent time researching Instagram, and other online sources trying to research the subject. It’s quite possible that you have been overloaded with opposing views, advice and information. At Enhance Medical Group we have you covered. Thanks to our amazing online community of ‘Enhance Boob Buddies’ you will be able to hear first-hand all about their personal experiences and they will give you true, honest advice.

In a world where information is easy to come by it doesn’t take long before you can feel overloaded with details. That’s fine if you’re shopping for a new sofa or checking out the latest holiday deals. But when it comes to choosing where to go for surgery it’s hard to know where to start. You will probably have lots of questions and perhaps feel anxious about who you can trust. At Enhance Medical Group we are proud to endorse our ‘Enhance Boob Buddies.’ They consist of a selection of our patients who have had breast surgery and are keen to offer tips and advice from the perspective of a patient. When we select patients to join our Enhance Boob Buddies we do so in recognition of the time and support they have offered to others throughout their journey. They have agreed to document their entire experience, in an honest and open manner. You will get to see the results they are so proud of, but more importantly they will share with you their recovery process and offer tips and advice based on true experiences. Their journey accounts on Instagram are invaluable to future patients who get to see their experience unfold in real time. They have all had similar surgery, but their experiences may differ. You will get fantastic support and great advice from them, and you can literally ask them anything!

Our patients find this extra level of care to be a huge advantage over and above what is offered by some other clinics. It’s a real support network that will be with you throughout your surgery journey. From initial consultation, choosing the best size and shape, and aftercare, you will have someone on hand to provide honest breast enlargement advice.

Why We are Thankful for our Enhance Boob Buddies

Liberty Barnes, our Brand Manager, explains how we came up with this concept and how it works in practice: “Enhance Medical Group prides itself on patient’s support – whether this is our team offering support, or our patients supporting one another. We noticed that our patients were going out of their way to help others through their Enhance journeys. Many of our patients set up their own Instagram account to document their Enhance journeys and chat to fellow Enhance patients about their experiences. Our Enhance Boob Buddies are unpaid and chat to patients because they want to help others and understand the importance of patient-to-patient support. Our Enhance Boob Buddies chat about anything, from which bra is most supportive to discussing the ‘drop and fluff’ process. They are available to be contacted via Instagram and are more than happy to answer anyone’s questions about their own Enhance journey.”

Breast Enlargement Experiences

Some of the reasons that online communities and social media platforms are so popular is that they provide a huge amount of information on any given subject, and this information is available anytime of the day or night. Being so easily accessible means that you can get instant answers to your questions, whether it be searching for new cars, or researching surgery. Online communities can be so helpful when looking for information about breast surgery. There may be questions that you don’t want to ask your consultant, there may be concerns that crop up out of the blue and you want a quick reply. However, you use online communities you can be sure that the Enhance Boob Buddies will always give you their honest, breast enlargement advice, that includes personal experiences that they have had.

Cosmetic surgery can be a private and sensitive topic. So having such a welcoming, friendly community in our Boob Buddies is a huge benefit to our new patients. Our Enhance Boob Buddies are comfortable and happy to share their breast enlargement advice and experiences with new patients and the great thing is, you can hear a varied range of views and experiences, which our new patients say is invaluable. It eases any concerns they have and gives them the confidence to go ahead, knowing there will always be someone they can turn to for advice and guidance.

Our first ever Boob Buddy at Enhance is Steph. She had breast enlargement surgery with us and was keen to share her experience with others considering the same procedure. Here’s what she had to say, “I had dreamt about having my boobs done for years. After lots of research and consultations I came across Enhance and was instantly drawn to them, their work looked amazing! I decided to make an Instagram account dedicated to my Enhance Boob Journey. I love sharing my experience and giving tips and advice. After a few months Enhance reached out to me to ask if I would like to be their first Boob Buddy, and I was thrilled! They are such an amazing company and my experience there was great. It is also really rewarding to be able to help others. Of course, I said yes!”
Breast enlargement information

Before embarking on any cosmetic procedure, you should do your research. Find out as much as you can about what the surgery entails, and don’t forget to consider the aftercare. At Enhance Medical Group we ensure that our patients are provided with accurate breast augmentation information. We will recommend you follow our advice to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. We will ask you to wear a post-op compression bra to support your breasts following surgery. We’re happy to announce that LIPOELASTIC has teamed with Enhance to offer the very best in post-op care.

Here is ‘Enhance Boob Buddy’ Steph’s account of how she dealt with the aftercare process,
“I was told at the consultation how important it is to follow aftercare advice and I made sure I did everything asked. I did not want to spend all that money on new boobs and not make sure I get the best results possible. One of the most important pieces of advice is to get a good post-op bra. You need something supportive and comfortable. My favourite has to the LIPOELASTIC bras. They are super comfortable and breathable, and I feel like I’ve good support. I am still wearing mine at 9 months post-op and will continue to do so”, Steph explains.

Whether it’s aftercare, or the procedure itself you want to learn about, or maybe you’re just curious about other patient’s journeys and experiences, our Enhance community is open to anybody. We’re also really easy to access for a consultation with clinics throughout the UK including London, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds, and Manchester. More breast augmentation advice can be found on the breast enlargement page where FAQs and images are on display.