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Breast Asymmetry

What is Breast Asymmetry?

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What is Breast Asymmetry?

It’s reported that around 50% of women feel that their breasts are slightly, or significantly uneven. The medical term for this is ‘asymmetrical breasts.’ For the majority of women this does not pose any real problem, as the issue is barely noticeable. For a small percentage of women however, the uneven appearance can cause psychological distress and issues with self-confidence. But how do we actually define this issue? What exactly is breast asymmetry? Asymmetrical boobs can present themselves in various forms. The difference in breasts can be noticeable due to the size, shape, fullness or projection. It may also be due to the uneven placement of the nipples.

These variations fall into three main categories:

This refers to a difference in volume.

This describes a difference in the nipples and areola.

Combined asymmetry
This is a combination of both of the above.

Enhance Medical are used to helping women to solve these issues. A simple consultation is all it takes to discuss your options with one of their specialists. There are a few different ways to approach the issue and your recommendation will be tailored specifically to your condition, lifestyle and aesthetic aspirations.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

There are many different factors that contribute to the initial development of the breast area, and there will be changes over time as a woman goes through the different stages of life. Genetics play a part in how a woman’s breasts will form, but puberty, pregnancy, hormonal changes and underlying medical conditions will also influence growth and changes. It’s quite common for breasts to develop at slightly different rates during puberty, but in general they should even out over time. Hormones are more often to blame for breast changes. It may be that, following development, one breast may have more breast cells, or the cells happen to be more sensitive to the effects of estrogen. Therefore, changes due to ovulation, pregnancy, menopause and the like, will highlight differences in the breasts and the imbalance will be more obvious. Providing there are no other underlying medical conditions to consider then Enhance Medical will be able to present you with the various options available to correct the discrepancies.

How Can You Fix Breast Asymmetry?

There are differing levels of breast asymmetry, and if you are dealing with a very minor difference there may be things you can do to naturally even out the breasts. Exercising the pectoral muscles, breast massage and hot and cold-water therapy can all contribute to helping to achieve a more balanced appearance. However, if the difference between the breasts is more noticeable then you might want to consider a more permanent solution, such as breast surgery.

If this is the position you find yourself in, and you feel that the uneven appearance of your breasts is having a negative impact on your self-esteem, then it might be time to pay Enhance Medical a visit. So, what will they be able to do to correct asymmetric boobs? The first stage will be an initial consultation with a specialist. This meeting will determine the scale of the problem and identify the best course of treatment to correct the issue. In the main there are three possibilities – these are uplift, reduction or enlargement. Your consultant will discuss the options with you, but in general they will fall into three main categories. It might be best to enlarge the smaller breast with a unilateral breast augmentation. A unilateral breast reduction could be offered to reduce the size of the larger breast, or a breast uplift might be the best way to go if the nipple position needs adjusting to achieve balance. There are many variations of these procedures, and your consultant will advise you all the way. It might be that you need implants of different sizes. Maybe one breast needs lifting but the other doesn’t, and tissue can also be removed from one area either as a simple stand alone procedure, or part of a lift or implant placement. Our Enhance Boob Buddy Rae was delighted with her results when she underwent breast asymmetry surgery. Read her story to get a better idea of the process in full. Whatever issue you are facing, you can rest assured that the experienced team at Enhance Medical will be able to offer the most comprehensive course of treatments to achieve the results that you will be delighted with.