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How To Get Firm Breast After Pregnancy

How To Get Firm Breast After Pregnancy

How To Get Firm Breast After Pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy and breast feeding can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s body. One area that can be particularly affected is the breasts. Here at Enhance Medical we are used to advising new mum’s on how best to regain their pre pregnancy shape. We have several years’ experience in these procedures and a long list of satisfied customers for you to speak to should you so wish.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding a woman’s breasts will change in size – generally increasing in size, and then reducing after pregnancy and breast feeding. This can lead to the breasts becoming smaller than they were to begin with, saggy, drooping or uneven. Many women feel that this contributes to lower self esteem and a lack of confidence following the birth of a child. These qualities are vital, if a new mum is to feel self-assured and positive, when raising the next generation.

The increase in new mum’s opting for breast surgery points to a more accepting culture. For a long time women have been unfairly judged for wanting to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. It has even been seen as selfish to consider their own happiness, aside from the joy of a newborn. We feel strongly at Enhance that this should not be the case. Times are changing, and more new mum’s than ever before are taking steps to regain their breast size and shape, and their self-confidence.

How to Get Firm Breasts After Pregnancy

If you do a bit of research on how to get firm breasts after pregnancy you are likely to be bombarded with advice about exercise, moisturising, diet and weight loss. Whilst all of this is sound advice, in reality the best results can only really be achieved with something more permanent, such as breast surgery at Enhance Medical. There are different options available when you’re considering changing the size or shape of your breasts and we will be happy to discuss all of these with you during a consultation. If the firmness is an issue, then a breast lift might be the best option, whereas a breast augmentation would be ideal if you want to increase the size. It’s also perfectly reasonable to have both of these procedures, if it achieves the results you are looking for. How you feel about yourself is important. It is reflected in so many aspects of your life, and as the saying goes, ‘happy mummy, happy baby.’ So, look after yourself as much as you cherish your child, and enjoy the confidence you deserve.

How to Keep Your Breast Size After Pregnancy?

By the time you have finished breastfeeding, or fully recovered from pregnancy you will no doubt notice that your breasts have changed. During pregnancy your breasts will probably have increased in size, even more so afterwards if you choose to breast feed. Following on from this your breasts will likely have changed in size, fullness and projection. It might be that you want to return to your pre pregnancy condition, or maybe you enjoyed the fuller breasts you had during pregnancy and want to maintain that size. Whatever the reason, Enhance Medical will have a solution. We will tailor your procedure so that it provides you with the size and level of fullness and lift that you really want to achieve. Whether it’s by use of implants, or simply a breast lift, your pre pregnancy breasts are achievable. So if it’s a ‘new you’ you’re after, or just a return to the ‘you’ that you recognise, Enhance Medical will restore both your breasts and your confidence. It’s the least you deserve.

Do Breast Implants Change After Pregnancy?

All women are different, and each experience during and after pregnancy is unique. Your body will change in many ways, and due to hormone fluctuations the breast area can undergo noticeable changes. Whether you already have implants or not, the breasts will change during pregnancy, and again during and after breastfeeding. What doesn’t change however, is the integrity of your implants. All the same, it’s important to know that the implants can feel the effects of changes on the breasts, and thus the look and feel of your breasts with implants can change following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many women choose to wait until after they have finished having children before embarking upon any type of breast surgery. But for those who have already undergone a procedure there are ways to restore your breasts to their former glory! A breast uplift could be the solution if the skin in the breast area has become saggy, as the uplift procedure is particularly good for adding fullness back to the breasts. You may be recommended to have both an uplift and a reaugmentation (this involves exchanging the implants) to get the best results. Enhance Medical are used to dealing with issues of this kind, so there’s no need to be unhappy with your breast implants at any time. Our consultants will be happy to advise and guide you so that you can achieve both the look, and level of confidence that you aspire to.