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Do breasts sag after pregnancy?

Do breasts sag after pregnancy?

How To Stop Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy

Both pregnancy and breastfeeding can have an impact on the breasts which is why many women want to know how to stop sagging breasts after pregnancy. Both size and shape can alter, and the profile often becomes saggy.

It is inevitable that your body will go through some major changes both during and after pregnancy. It is after all supporting and growing another life. This is no mean feat. Whilst it is of course an incredible journey for any woman to go on, it can have very noticeable effects on the body. In particular, the breast area is subject to some changes at this time. During pregnancy your breasts become fuller and heavier and this can cause the ligaments supporting the breasts to stretch. This, in turn can cause sagging in the breast area. Following pregnancy, if a woman chooses to breast feed, the breasts are likely to go through more changes. As they fill with milk they will become larger and as they empty they reduce in size. This constant fluctuation may have an effect on your breasts, and they may succumb to some sagging.

How To Prevent Saggy Breast After Pregnancy

There are a few tips for combating the sagging nature of breasts following pregnancy. Exfoliating and moisturising will help, as should slow, steady weight loss. Sadly, once lost, the firmness of the breast tissue cannot be regained naturally following pregnancy. Wearing a more supporting bra and toning the muscles behind the breast can go some way to improving the firmness you may have lost. However, ultimately surgery is the only clear-cut solution to tackling this problem. Enhance Medical Group have a number of options available, including breast augmentation and breast lift. These are particularly popular with women who want to restore their breasts to their pre-pregnancy glory.

Do Breast Implants Sag After Pregnancy?

It’s important to keep in mind that every woman is different. One woman’s body will react differently to another’s due to pregnancy so try not to compare your personal experience with anyone else’s. Your body will go through weight gain and weight loss over a relatively short space of time. How much your weight fluctuates can be determined by diet and lifestyle, but pregnancy puts other stresses on your body, and you just have to go with the flow. The actual implant itself will not change at all during or after pregnancy, but the supporting tissue around the implant will can weaken leading to the breast having a sagging appearance. This can be rectified with a breast augmentation procedure, and you will regain the shape you so loved before.

Why do breasts sag after pregnancy?

Your breasts go through different changes both during and after pregnancy. They grow larger during pregnancy in order to prepare the body for breastfeeding. If a mother chooses to breastfeed, they can grow again. When they are emptied of milk they shrink, and so on goes the cycle. This continuous expansion and contraction is one of the main contributing factors which leads to sagging breasts. This can leave the skin stretched and unable to hold their previous shape.


How to Prevent Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy

Whilst age and DNA can determine the level of elasticity in your breasts there are still some measures you can take to help combat the issue. Strength training and yoga are great for improving tone around the muscles supporting the breast. This will contribute to a more firm looking breast. A good diet and hydration can keep the skin supple and perhaps improve elasticity, and a supportive bra will add the finishing touch. You may see improvement from following these guidelines, but in reality, the only way to achieve the breast size, shape and profile you had before pregnancy is to choose breast augmentation surgery. Enhance will always explain the benefits of looking after yourself prior to and following any procedure. This combination will reap the best results.

How to Fix Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy

Looking after your own wellbeing following the birth of a baby is important for both body and mind. What you eat, drink and how often you exercise will contribute to you getting your breasts as close to their pre-pregnancy condition as you can. However, breast augmentation surgery is one way to achieve noticeable, long standing results. At Enhance Medical Group we have a range of procedures available, and our team of Patient Care Coordinators and Surgeons will help determine the best option for you to achieve the results you want, and to provide you with advice on how to return your breasts to their pre-pregnancy condition. Our patients are delighted with the outcome of the breast surgery we provide, and often comment that they look even better than before the pregnancy. Whatever your concern you will find a solution at Enhance Medical Group and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Important Information for New Mothers

It is important to state that there are some conditions that apply for a patient to be eligible for this type of surgery.

For Enhance to consider someone for surgery they must demonstrate a BMI of 32 or below. In some cases, this can be 30, depending on the surgeon.

We will only consult with a patient for breast surgery from 6 months after childbirth (providing they do not breastfeed).

If a patient has been breastfeeding, then we are happy to consult with them 6 months after they have ceased breastfeeding or stopped producing milk.