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How do Breast Implants Feel?

How do Breast Implants Feel?

How Do Breast Implants Feel?

Implants are one of the most popular choices for women who wish to increase their breasts size, but it’s essential that you consider all options before proceeding. One of the most frequent questions many patients ask before surgery is, ‘how do breast implants feel?’ The reality is, most women will want breasts that look and feel natural, whilst benefiting from increased size and lift. Breast implants do feel natural, and if you benefit from professional advice you will get the most suitable profile for your body. You can be sure that the team at Enhance will not go ahead until they are sure you are completely happy with your personalised plan, and you have understood what is involved. The way the implant feels can differ depending on where the implant is placed. For example, if the implant is placed under the muscle, you may feel movement when exercising (jogging, stretching etc.) but overall, you will feel very much the same as you did before the implants were added.

From a physical standpoint, breast implants will feel natural when the surgery is completed by a reputable provider. It is likely that cheaper surgery options can result in unflattering breasts that result in over stretched skin. Opting for a professional breast implant provider will result in a much better appearance and feel without any risks of unrealistic size or profile. The surgeons and their teams at Enhance are fully confident that you will know what to expect and that your expectations are met.

It is important to note that your surgery will need time to settle before you feel the full benefits. Most people find that they experience some level of tenderness and post-operative bruising. You can also expect them to feel firm and swollen for the first few weeks. This is both normal and temporary.

Most Natural Feeling Breast Implants

When choosing the best implants for your frame it’s really important that you take into account your own particular body type. Your shape, size, height, etc will all have an impact on how the end result appears. You will, no doubt, have spent a lot of time researching the subject, and you probably have a few images in mind that represent your ideal look. Feel free to take these with you to the consultation prior to booking any procedure. It’s a bit like going to the hairdressers with an image of a hairstyle that you like. Do bear in mind your current frame and proportions though, and this should ensure you end up with the improved, natural look you wanted. During the consultation phase at Enhance you will have the opportunity to see examples of previous work, and you can base some of your criteria on this. You should also get the chance to see and feel some actual implants. This will allow you to base your decision on more than just how the implants will look.  Implants are available in different forms – they can be smooth or textured and filled in different ways in order to form the most appropriate and natural profile for your body type. Reputable clinics will want to achieve the best results for you, and this might mean that they suggest something other than what you initially had in mind. This is actually a good indicator of the professionalism of the clinic. You will become a walking advertisement for their work, so it stands to reason that they will want you to look as good and natural as possible. You may be given the choice between silicone or saline filled implants, and you should be guided through the process by experts before you come to any decision. Most women opt for the silicone filled option as they tend to provide a more natural outcome, but ultimately it is your choice. It is no coincidence that millions of women the world over choose the Mentor memory gel implants. They are renowned for creating a soft, natural look and feel thanks to their unique formulation.

Do Breast Implants Feel Heavy?

Every patient is different, but in our experience some women have described a feeling of heaviness or fullness following breast implant surgery. Those women who have breast fed previously often compare this feeling to how their breasts felt during the morning, just before nursing their baby. The implants weigh very little in fact, but due to the stretching of the skin and the healing of the muscles following surgery, a feeling of heaviness is not uncommon. You may feel a tightness in your chest and some post – operative swelling.  Your breasts may feel tender and slightly inflamed too, but again this is not unusual and should start to ease in a week or two.  You will get used to the feeling of your new breasts, and any heaviness will no longer feel un-natural as your surgery heals and your breasts settle. Professional sizing techniques should avoid this being an ongoing issue, and it is usually a temporary side effect that dissipates in a few weeks. A good consultation process should ensure that you know what to expect and follow up checks should allay any concerns you may have.

Remember, your breast implants have been inserted under usually, very tight skin. The immediate appearance of your new breasts will not be the final result. The settling process usually takes from 3-6 months as gravity takes over and allows the implants to fill out the lower curve of the breast. The implants need time to reach their final position. The informal term for this process is called drop and fluff, and you should expect your breast shape and position to alter somewhat as this occurs.

What Do Breast Implants Feel Like When Pregnant?

Choosing the ideal time of life to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a decision that varies from patient to patient. You are the person who knows your plans for the future better than anyone else, and it’s important that any procedure falls in line with those plans. Some women choose to delay procedures until after having children, whilst others go ahead and deal with changes along the way. There is no right or wrong choice here – it has to work for you. Should you have breast implants prior to getting pregnant you will find that pregnancy alone will not affect your implants. The skin, however, may become slightly impacted due to changes in your body both during and after pregnancy. This is largely due to hormonal changes during pregnancy which can alter the breast tissue, but this will have no impact on the implant itself. Significant weight gains and losses may affect your breasts – this could be in the way of postpartum sagging and / or deflation of the breast. The implant, on the other hand, will remain unchanged. Taking advice during pregnancy on how to maintain a healthy weight will help to avoid such large fluctuations, so make sure you are fully versed on what falls within the healthy boundaries for weight gain during pregnancy. Providing that you have chosen to have the implant placed beneath the gland then your ability to breastfeed should remain unaffected. The implant is usually placed in an area away from the milk ducts, thus allowing you to breastfeed successfully should you wish to. From a safety perspective, being pregnant following breast implant surgery is perfectly fine. However, when the body is put under the pressure of multiple pregnancies many women prefer to put the procedure off until they have finished having children. Alternatively, they might opt to have the surgery before any pregnancies and then go on to have another procedure in the future to refresh the look and feel of their breasts. It is possible that pregnancy will alter the firmness of the breasts and therefore a follow up procedure at this stage is not uncommon.

Whatever you decide to do as far as breast augmentation goes, it is a personal choice. Being well informed and spending time weighing up your options is the best way to ensure you end up with a result that you are happy and comfortable with.