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Should I go ahead with a mummy makeover?

Should I go ahead with a mummy makeover?

What is a Mummy Makeover?

Choosing to embark on cosmetic surgery is a decision that should be made with all the available facts to hand.  Whether opting for an individual procedure, or multiple procedures you need to know what to expect and what the possible outcomes may be.

A mummy makeover is an increasing popular choice for some women. This article aims to answer some of the most often asked questions, such as, ‘should I go ahead with a mummy makeover?’

During pregnancy and the months that follow the birth of your baby you may find that some areas of your body have changed in ways that you had not anticipated, or perhaps to a larger degree than you were expecting.  It can be frustrating for many women, particularly if they had been used to taking care of their bodies with healthy diet and exercise, and now find that their previous lifestyle choices no longer bring the results they were used to.

There can be a variety of changes to the body due to pregnancy and breast feeding, but these tend to fall into a handful of categories – these are breast, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs.  The most noticeable changes occur in the breast and abdomen areas.  This can be due to weight gain which has permanently stretched the skin, or perhaps the muscles in the abdomen that have separated during pregnancy.  Both of these changes can result in issues that cannot be addressed by diet and exercise alone. For this reason, many women choose to undergo a range of procedures to correct the areas that continue to bother them.

So, what exactly is involved with a mummy makeover?  The range of procedures will usually include breast augmentation and breast lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction to the flanks and thigh area.  This is one of the ways to ensure you regain your pre-pregnancy figure, and often you will look even better than you did beforehand. It can be really disheartening for some women who struggle with maintaining a shape they are happy with following childbirth.  These procedures address all the areas that you are likely to be dissatisfied with.  An increase in confidence and self-esteem will follow, and you can continue your healthy lifestyle secure in the knowledge that you look your absolute best.

Is a Mummy Makeover Really the Way to Go?

Do you want to put your whole body through the stress of taking on multiple procedures at once? And is it actually a good idea to have a full mummy makeover all at once? Each of the individual procedures carries a recovery time, and each one has the potential to take longer than expected. Multiply this by numerous, simultaneous procedures and you could find yourself struggling to go about your usual routine for quite some time. By far the better option, as far as we are concerned at Enhance Medical Group, is to go ahead with these procedures, but to do so individually. This will put far less stress on your body at any one time and allow you to fully recover from one procedure before you embark upon another. We strongly feel that this is the better option, both for your safety and recovery.

What are mummy makeover packages?

We’ve established what a mummy makeover involves. It is all, or a combination of, breast augmentation and breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. Here at Enhance Medical Group we have a dedicated team of surgeons and an expert medical team who will safely and successfully carry out each and every one of these procedures.

We choose to do these one at a time, but we are still able to offer an attractive multiple procedure discount when they are booked together. This will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your insecurities will be dealt with separately, giving you enough time to fully recover, and you will benefit from a pleasing discount to boot.

You may feel that you only need to have a couple of the mummy makeover procedures to achieve your preferred shape, you might choose to have them all. Whatever combination you feel is right for you we will be able to accommodate it. Individual packages for more than one procedure can be discussed with your surgeon and your consultant and a payment plan to suit you can be arranged.

Mummy Makeover Payment Plans

We understand that paying for cosmetic procedures can be quite a big financial commitment. The idea of saving up for years to have a procedure is not always a possibility, you will no doubt have other financial issues to address. At Enhance we aim to make our procedures available to as many people as we can, by keeping our prices affordable and offering practical payment options. This can be particularly attractive for those seeking to undergo more than one procedure over time. When you book multiple treatments at the same time you can not only benefit from the discount we offer, but also have the flexibility to spread your payments over an agreed time. We have an excellent partnership with the Fusion Lending and Loans Warehouse. They have access to over 90 lenders, giving you options when deciding how to fund your surgery. Following the usual credit checks and form filling, you could find yourself on the path to a new, improved (even better than before) you!

Important Information for New Mothers

It is important to state that there are some conditions that apply for a patient to be eligible for this type of surgery.

For Enhance to consider someone for surgery they must demonstrate a BMI of 32 or below. In some cases, this can be 30, depending on the surgeon.

We will only consult with a patient for breast surgery from 6 months after childbirth (providing they do not breast feed).

If a patient has been breast feeding, then we are happy to consult with them 6 months after they have ceased breast feeding or stopped producing milk.