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Risks of having plastic surgery abroad

Risks of having plastic surgery abroad

When you’re considering plastic surgery there are so many options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Deciding where to go to get the body of your dreams, on the other hand, might not be quite so simple. With a surge in people travelling further afield for cosmetic procedures it’s easy to get caught up in this trend. But you’d be wise to ask yourself, ‘Why is cosmetic surgery cheaper abroad?’ At first glance it seems like a great idea. Combine your surgery with some time in the sun to rest and recuperate. Show off your new assets on the beach and fly home with a new body and a fresh tan.

You’re probably familiar with the celebrities and influencers who jet off to Turkey for a couple of weeks, only to return with a few nips and tucks which are strategically documented on social media. So why is it so popular, and why is cosmetic surgery such as breast implant surgery cheaper abroad? More importantly, what are the pros and cons? Let’s take a look at what you need to know to answer that question of why is plastic surgery abroad?

When you have plastic surgery in the UK you are paying for more than just the procedure. Included in the price you pay any reputable clinic is the pre and post appointments and check ups, aftercare, and insurance for the surgeons. More importantly however is the fact that UK clinics are regulated by the Healthcare Commission and the GMC. This offers a sense of security for both the patient and the clinic. Regulation ensures that the procedures are legal, safe and conducted only by qualified, experienced professionals. At Enhance Medical Group we adhere to all necessary regulations, and work with only the very best medical teams. If you choose to have cosmetic surgery abroad you’re not covered by these governing bodies. If something goes wrong after you have returned to the UK then you will be responsible for arranging your own treatment, and often the NHS will not be able to help. Why is cosmetic surgery cheaper abroad? Well for starters, the aftercare and peace of mind that comes with it is not included in the price.

Medical tourism is definitely on the rise. It provides a more affordable option for those with less disposable income, thanks to cheap flights and procedures that are sometimes two times lower than in the UK. Other reasons that answer the question of, ‘why is plastic surgery cheaper abroad?’ include the lower staff salaries, cheaper transport, cheaper facilities and cheaper medication and medical supplies. There is also less admi and red tape to contend with, although this could indicate that the rules and regulations that govern the process are not as robust as in the UK.

So what should I consider?

First and foremost you will need to check the credentials of the surgeon. You should also never agree to surgery abroad if you have not met the person who is going to perform the procedure. They need to see you to be able to plan the procedure with your body in mind. Everyone is different, and cosmetic surgery is not a ‘one size fits all’ affair. You should then research the qualifications and experience of the surgeon. For example, how many of these procedures have they carried out before? Can you speak to former patients to get a first hand account of their experience? This information will be a good indicator of how safe and successful the procedure should be with that particular surgeon.

Check out the clinic too. What facilities do they have? Is there an intensive care unit should you require additional medical attention? If there are complications following the surgery what is their aftercare procedure? Do a bit of research about the country you are considering. Find out if they have a governing body that regulates the clinic and the industry. Then check your own travel arrangements to ensure that you have sufficient travel and health insurance just in case something unexpected happens. When you’re wondering, ‘why is cosmetic surgery cheaper abroad?’ it’s imperative that the reason is not because they compromise on your safety.

Every surgery requires some sort of aftercare. This is tricky if you have left the country. You might find yourself paying to see a cosmetic surgeon in the UK if you can’t return to the country where you had surgery. This carries with it an additional cost, and might bump the price up significantly.

What are the risks?

It might seem like a great plan, but combining cosmetic surgery with a holiday is not necessarily a good idea. If you’ve been picturing yourself sipping cocktails on the beach or lounging by the pool following your procedure, you may want to think again.

Bear in mind that you will have had fairly major surgery, including a general anaesthetic and stitches. You will need to rest and recuperate, and that definitely doesn’t involve Pina Coladas and pedalos. Following surgery you will be advised to avoid sunbathing, drinking alcohol and swimming. A little less sun, sea and sand, and a bit more rest, repair and recover. You won’t be feeling your best after a general anaesthetic, so if you plan to stay abroad make sure you have a comfortable, restful place to heal. Make yourself familiar with the aftercare process too, and keep emergency contacts to hand, just in case.

If your plans involve returning to the UK immediately following your surgery you need to be extra cautious. Flying at any time carries with it the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. This is even more of an issue if you add surgery to the mix. You can do without the added worry of potential complications when you are mid flight.

Be mindful of these points when you are debating, ‘Why is cosmetic surgery cheaper abroad?’ When you have added up all the costs you might find that you are paying more to have surgery abroad in the long run.

By all means consider your options. But don’t be fooled by promises of cheap cosmetic procedures in the sun. The reality is that you will be having major surgery far away from your support network. If something doesn’t go according to plan, or you take longer to recover, chances are you would rather not be in a hotel room miles away from friends and family. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there really is no place like home.