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How to Reduce Scars After Breast Surgery

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How to Reduce Scars After Breast Surgery

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Breast Reduction Surgery Scars

The appearance of breast reduction surgery scars can be one of those things that women considering this procedure have concerns about. Dealing with the appearance of scars after breast implant surgery is also a hot topic of discussion amongst potential patients. So, what can you do to minimise the risk beforehand, and how can you reduce the appearance of an incision after surgery? Enhance Medical Group are sympathetic and understanding of your concerns. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge around the subject. Not to mention a contingent of ‘been there, done that’ experts, in the form of the Enhance Boob Buddies. They speak from experience; they are honest, and most of all they are delighted when they get the opportunity to share their story and to offer advice and guidance. So, when you want to know about the possibility of breast reduction surgery scars, or maybe you want advice on how to soften scar tissue after breast surgery, you need only ask.

It is inevitable when undergoing surgery of any kind that you will left with the appearance of incisions that vary in prominence. The surgeon will need to make an incision, albeit small, that will allow them to perform the procedure. This doesn’t mean that you will be left with any significant scarring though. There are lots of things you can do to help minimise the appearance of scars after breast implant surgery or breast reduction surgery.

Taking care of yourself before and after breast surgery is paramount if you want to get the best results long term. Your care plan should fall into three main categories: pre-surgery, immediately post-surgery and ongoing post-surgery.

Your Enhance Medical Group team will give you lots of pre-op advice which will help the procedure and recovery process run as smoothly as possible. You will be advised to avoid smoking (traditional and e cigarettes) as this dehydrates the skin. Breast reduction surgery scars will heal much quicker with hydrated, flexible skin. So put down the cigarettes and pick up a glass of water instead. The more prepared your body is before the operation, the better it will heal afterwards. There are certain herbal supplements that may not be compatible with the effective healing of incisions. Ibuprofen and aspirin also fall into this category as they can cause thinning of the blood. This can lead to additional bruising and slow down the healing process. Your consultant will discuss this with you and advise alternative supplements and medication if possible.


Prior to your surgery the consulting team will have given you plenty of tips and advice to allow for the most comfortable and smooth recovery possible. Don’t expect to be up and about straight away. The best way to ensure an effective recovery is to be patient and careful. It will be advised that you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for the first couple of weeks post-surgery. You will have to put that celebratory glass of wine on hold for a while longer. Once again, water is your friend here. Drink plenty of it and try to eat foods rich in protein, both of which will help keep your skin in the best condition to heal effectively and minimise breast reduction surgery scars. As difficult as it may be for the health conscious amongst you, strenuous exercise or activity is not recommended immediately following your surgery. In fact, it’s usually suggested that you don’t engage in such activities for between six to twelve weeks. Not only will following this advice help your recovery process, it will also avoid any unnecessary pulling of the skin. This can aggravate the area of incision and impair the healing of the wound, possibly resulting in a more noticeable scar. Finally, and very importantly, invest in a good fitting, high quality surgical bra. Wearing a surgical bra will ensure that your implants are held in position while they heal. It will also minimise movement so that the surgical incisions can heal effectively. This has a significant influence on minimising the appearance of breast reduction surgery scars (the same can be said for any other type of cosmetic breast surgery). The team at Enhance will be able to point you in the right direction and make sure you are equipped with the information and accessories required to avoid very noticeable incision marks. You can also be confident in the knowledge that the team of surgeons at Enhance have a policy of working towards minimal incisions during every procedure. This ensures that scarring is kept to a minimum.

The placement of the incision under the breast is also important when ensuring the appearance of any scars are well hidden.

Scars After Breast Implant Surgery

Be prepared for full recovery to take anything upto a year. During this time, you will need to care for your new breasts in order to get the best long-term results. It’s important that you don’t scrub the scars or scratch at them if they begin to itch. Gentle, regular self-massage will help to produce collagen, and this allows the skin to remain as flexible as possible, thus minimising incision marks.

Avoiding exposure to sunlight, however tempted you may be, is advised. Once you have attended your follow up appointments after surgery you may be advised to apply topical creams or other products to ensure the skin remains moisturised and is able to heal effectively.

For some aftercare programs, it may be advised that you use Lipoelastic gel, a quick-drying silicone gel enriched with vitamin E which is clinically proven and suitable for both new and older scars. Lipoelastic gel is intended for the reduction and aesthetic improvement of the appearance of scars from surgeries including breast augmentation. The silicone treatment reduces redness and itching and helps to prevent abnormal healing and the formation of enlarged, raised scars.

Remember, scarring is an unavoidable aspect of any surgery. Your age, skin tone and genetics will play a part in how scars will heal and how noticeable they will be when you have fully recovered. However, following some simple steps before and after your procedure can also have a distinct influence on the end result.

Enhance Medical are great at keeping you in the loop every step of the way. From the initial consultation through to the end of the recovery process you will never feel alone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, get all the information you need and your journey should be smooth and straightforward all the way.