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How to measure yourself properly to choose the right size garment

How to measure yourself properly to choose the right size garment

How to measure yourself properly to choose the right size garment

Choosing the right surgeon and type of surgery you want are important decisions to make. Often the area neglected is that of the aftercare. It’s easy to only think as far as having the operation, but in reality the aftercare you receive and how you look after yourself post-surgery is vital to ensure the best recovery. One of the things you need to take care over is the supportive aftercare garments that will protect you post-op.

Enhance Medical are proud suppliers of Macom and Lipoelastic compression garments. Their ranges cover all types of post surgery support, and the team at Enhance will help you select the right one for you.

Good compression garments will help you heal more quickly and feel more comfortable in the process. One of things you must get right though is the sizing of the garment. Too tight and it will be painful; too loose and it won’t provide the support that it should. Some brands supply different garments for different stages of your recovery, so be sure to choose the right piece for the stage you are in..

What should a good bra take into account?

Specialist compression fabric is used in the manufacture of all Macom and Lipoelastic garments. This needs to be strong enough to exert pressure on the area where surgery has taken place, without being painful or too constrictive. The compression helps to maintain good circulation, as well as supporting the area. These garments are also manufactured with protection in mind. They are designed to account for scar tissue and any tenderness surrounding the area, and should make recovery as comfortable as is possible.

Why do I need to measure myself?

In order to get the best support and healing potential it’s vital that the garments you choose are the right size for your body. The best way to achieve this is to measure yourself and check your measurements against the size charts for the brand you are using.

Macom, for example, only requires you to measure your back measurement for compression bras. The cup sizes are sized in XS upwards, and these are expandable and therefore mould to your new breasts. For other areas of the body they suggest ordering two different sized garments, and returning the one that does not fit as well. If you have larger breasts and a very small waist, for example, the suggestion is to choose the larger size. You can always place inserts into the garment to fill in any gaps.

If you are choosing a Lipoelastic garment you will be advised to take two breast measurements. The first will be at the fullest part of the circumference of the breast, the second will be just below the breast where you will be essentially measuring your back size. You can then cross reference these measurements with their size guide and find the best fitting garment. Similarly, if you need something for another area of the body, you should measure the waist and then the largest part of the hips. The size guide will then direct you to the most suitable fitting garment to accommodate your needs.

As always, Enhance Medical can offer great advice and support in these matters, and you can be sure that you will be given helpful advice that will lead to a speedy and safe recovery.