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How to measure and choose the right size of post-operative bra

How to measure and choose the right size of post-operative bra

How to measure and choose the right size of post-operative bra

You will be familiar with the high level of pre-operative care you should expect from a company like Enhance Medical Group. At Enhance we pride ourselves on offering the very best in aftercare advice, support and post operative garments, in order to make your recovery as comfortable and successful as it should be.

Following breast implant surgery (or removal of implants) it is vital that you take care of your breasts as they heal. In order to do this we offer the very best in post-operative bras, including established brands Macom and Lipoelastic. A good post-operative bra should accommodate your changing shape. In order to do this the garment needs to take into account swelling and blood circulation, whilst supporting and stabilising your breasts as you recover and things settle.

Choosing the best brand is important, we’ve done that bit for you. But ensuring you have the correct size and ideal fit is vital. Measuring yourself for a bra, particularly following surgery, is a delicate matter. So, we’ve got a few tips for you here, depending upon the brand recommended to you:


If you are choosing a Lipoelastic brand, this is the best way to get an accurate figure. When you measure yourself for a bra you should use a proper tape measure, and stand upright, keeping the tape horizontal with the ground. The tape should be comfortable around you – not tight and not loose. This helps achieve a more accurate measurement.

Firstly, measure the breast circumference at its fullest part, and make a note of the measurement. Then measure the circumference under the breast, and note down this number too. Then all you need to do is check the size chart for lipoelastic bras and match your measurements to the correct bra.


Macom provides medically approved surgical bras, to cater for your post-operative needs. They are designed with vital input from surgeons to ensure they offer comfort and support when you need them most. All of their bras are front fastening, to make them easier to put on and remove. They have no seams or underwriting, so they won’t irritate your skin. And they have adjustable straps to allow for more precise fitting. In order to find the correct size you only need to take your back measurement, as you would if you were shopping for a normal bra. Then check the size guide to determine which size is best for you. They are labelled from extra small upwards, and the cups are fully expandable to adapt to your changing cup size. Your self-measure bra size will be enough to ensure a comfortable and suitable fit for your recovery.

When measuring yourself for a bra it’s important that you are as accurate as you can be, but there will always be help on hand at Enhance if you need some extra guidance.