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How To Choose The Right Breast Implant

How To Choose The Right Breast Implant

How To Choose The Right Breast Implant

If you have already decided that you wish to proceed with breast implant surgery, you have, no doubt, been considering the various options. What will be the best profile for you? Which size will suit you most? Asking the question ‘how to choose the right breast implant size’ is the best place to start. The better equipped you are with information, the easier the decision will be. This way you can be sure to that you get the best size, shape or profile for your frame. Our team of leading surgeons with their many years of experience will be able to guide you and discuss the possible outcomes.  Whilst it’s possible to increase your implant size if you later decide that you would prefer bigger breasts with a re-augmentation, it’s best to get a basic idea of the size you want the at the start of the process. Of course, you can also reduce the size at a later date, but again, it’s best to get it right the first time.

It is easy to get carried away with cup sizes when you are planning a breast augmentation.  It’s much more important that you have been advised and guided towards a profile that will work for you. Everyone is different, and a C cup on one patient may sit very differently upon another. Ideally you will have had the opportunity to see the potential outcome using equipment at your consultation. This will give you a visual idea of how your new breast size will look on your body.   During your consultation our team can discuss the estimated conversion from the cup size to implant size. Implants are measured in cubic centimetres (cc for short) and a cup size is approximately 100cc.Therefore, moving up one cup size means that you may need an implant around this size.

Once you have made your decision, and confirmed with our team the potential cup size, increase and implant size, you can trial how you would look using a number of home breast sizing methods.

One of the most popular and effective ways to view how your breasts would look after surgery is to use the rice test. We have a tutorial of how to do this on our Instagram Highlights – please visit @ukenhanemedical for more information. The rice test will give you a good idea of how you want to look before or after booking your breast augmentation consultation. To do this, all you need is a spare pair of tights, some uncooked rice and a measuring jug!

When measuring, you simply need to change cc to millilitres (ml) The measurement is the same. So 150cc becomes 150ml. Measure the amount of rice based on the size you want (So to move up one cup size, measure 200cc). Once measured, fill the foot of the tight then cut off a few inches from where it is full and tie the end so that no rice can spill. Do this twice so that you have a pair. The rice test is a great way of looking at your confirmed implant size following your consultation also.


The next step is to form an implant profile / shape – this would be discussed and confirmed at your consultation with one of our surgeons. The beauty of the rice test for breast implants is that you can try all profile types. Below is a brief outline of what each implant type is and how to form it using the rice in the tights. Experiment with this until you are happy with the shape and size.

Our preferred supplier of breast implants is ‘Mentor’ (a Johnson and Johnsons brand). In our opinion, they offer the most natural look and feel, more closely resembling breast tissue. These implants are available in either a smooth or micro-textured shell, and your surgeon will advise you which to choose, depending on the size and profile you desire. Mentor put a great deal of care and consideration into every implant they produce, as well as providing a comprehensive protection warranty and the guarantee of comfort.


If you want a more noticeable increase then high profile is for you. The rice should be moulded with less width to create more shape. This provides a fuller appearance without needing a large based. This means this is a great option for petite framed women. It’s still a good idea to try this profile using the rice test, as it will give you a great idea of what you would look like with a high profile.


If you want a more noticeable increase then high profile is for you. The rice should be moulded with less width to create more shape. This provides a fuller appearance without needing a large based. This means this is a great option for petite framed women. It’s still a good idea to try this profile using the rice test, as it will give you a great idea of what you would look like with a high profile.


This is the best option if you truly want more noticeable projection. It provides a narrower base and creates a large breast shape. To form this shape you will require 200ml of rice and will need to push the rise to create a heightened shape. This profile is ideal for most women looking for larger breasts.

After shaping the rice implant, put on a bra without padding. You can then insert the rice implant into the bra, on top of your natural breasts. It is likely that the rice will move, but you can gently reshape this when it is in the bra. Once satisfied with the shape, it is best to put on a tight top to give you a clearer idea of how it will look.

To get a true idea of how you will look with each profile, we would highly recommend a breast implant consultation. Professional Clinics (including us) use breast sizing equipment designed to give you a true visual of how you will look after surgery – At Enhance we can provide this service at your free face to face consultation. Whilst the rice test is not endorsed, it is a good way to help you decide on the size you would like before fully committing.


Once you have an idea of the size you want, you will feel more comfortable and prepared during the consultation. It will also give our surgeons a clearer idea of what you want. It is best to have an open and honest discussion during the consultation, so that you get exactly what you want. There is no need to feel uncomfortable or shy. Every step during a breast augmentation is designed to get you the best results. It’s also a good idea to discuss the size you want with very close friends or family before going to the consultation. This will give you an outside perspective which can be beneficial and you can rely on them to be honest! At the same time, make sure you are thinking about what you truly want in order to avoid making decisions based on someone else’s opinion. It is a similar process to choosing a tattoo. You will inevitably want to hear what others have to, but ultimately, it is you who will have the final say.

Any professional breast implant clinic will provide sensitive advice and will help you make the right decision. It is in your best interest to choose a size best suited to your shape and size and to be sensible with the size. The idea of extra large breasts may be a nice thought but it can have physical affects that you will want to avoid including back pains and difficulty fitting clothes. For this reason it is best go with a size that truly fits your frame to avoid needing a breast reaugmentation in future, which our surgeons will advise you on.


It can sometimes help you decide what size you would like by looking at other patients’ images both before and after – these can be seen on our Instagram @ukenhancemedical. Whilst we all have our own unique body shape, many women will have a frame similar to yours. Looking at before and after images will help you visualise how you could look with different sized implants. It may even give you the confidence to proceed with a higher profile. Please do note that every patient is individual, and our specialist surgeons will advise you on the best size for your unique frame, skin elasticity, current breast tissue and anatomy.


The size and shape is chosen. Now it’s time to discuss the implant surface type. The surface type you decide to have may depend on the appearance you want. You may also need to consider your lifestyle. For example, if you are extremely active, an implant that remains positioned without movement will be best for you. However, if you want a more natural appearance, you will have to contemplate a number of factors, such as, how important the look and feel is when comparing it to your lifestyle and interests. Our specialist surgeons will advise you on what is best for your desired results.

In recent years, more and more surgeons are choosing smooth surface implants. This may be because of the risks associated with textured implants, including bacteria and Capsular Contracture. To help prevent our patients from becoming affected by the implants, we use Mentor – a leading product designed and produced by Johnson and Johnson. Mentor use a silicone gel-filled breast implant that provides comfort and looks great. They provide a more natural feel and appearance compared to saline implants. Saline implant surgery is also more likely to have surgical complications because of the need to insert empty then fill with sterile salt water. Silicone are also less likely to ripple or wrinkle because they do not require sterile salt water. We chose Mentor to keep you in control of your lifestyle by allowing them to sit in position, whilst providing a natural aesthetic. Whilst there is nothing wrong with saline implants, we find that more and more patients are becoming comfortable with silicone, especially when learning the saline is an older method that has been used since the 1960s


Natural Appearance is important for you

Silicone implants appear more natural, especially if your surgeon were to overfill the saline implants. Saline can appear natural but can tend to appear too big, particularly if you aspire to have a significantly increase breast size.

You want a natural feel

Due to the natural softness of silicone implants, they tend to feel more natural than saline implants. An experienced surgeon will be able to make saline implants feel natural, but it is less guaranteed when compared to silicone. Saline implants tend to be heavier compared to silicone, which is a disadvantage, especially if you suffer from back pain. For this reason, we do recommend silicone.

You have a limited amount of breast tissue

If you’re looking to have breast augmentation surgery, it is highly likely that you will have a limited amount of breast tissue. Silicone has a more adhesive consistency meaning rippling and wrinkling is less of a problem.

You want a shaped implant

There are more shape options with silicone so this is the best option if you have a specific profile in mind. It is easier to get the size and shape you want without the risk of wrinkles or rippling. A round implant will result in a soft, full and proportioned look. A teardrop shape produces a natural appearance with more volume at the bottom.

During the consultation, our surgeons will be happy to help you decide on the best implant for your lifestyle. We will openly discuss what you are looking for to ensure you make the best decision for you. We are happy to discuss any risks and how they are managed, providing you with complete peace of mind