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What women do to resolve depression due to small breasts

What women do to resolve depression due to small breasts

What women do to resolve depression due to small breasts

For decades, women have struggled with insecurities surrounding body image. How we look is inextricably linked to how we feel, whether we like it or not. The meteoric rise in the popularity of social media platforms has done little to calm the issue and, in some cases, women have reported that they have experienced depression due to small breasts, body shape and other cosmetic concerns.

Perhaps surprisingly it is more common for women with overly large breasts or mismatched breasts to feel low about their profile, but small breast depression is still a recognised issue. This issue can start very early on for some. In fact, adolescence may be the first time young women begin to be aware of the differences in size and shape of their breasts and the speed at which changes to the body take place.

Things tend to even out as time goes on, but for some, depression due to small breasts has already started to take hold. Thankfully there are solutions for anyone wishing to make changes to their breast size. The cries of, ‘my small breasts make me depressed,’ are now heard and understood by those in the cosmetic surgery industry. Breast enlargement procedures are more accessible than ever, thanks to a wide selection of clinics, such as Enhance Medical Group and flexible payment options.

Can I naturally increase the size of my breasts?

But are there other ways to reduce depression due to small breasts? If you’re not quite ready to go down the surgery route, what other options do you have? For women who want to increase the size, or at least increase the appearance of the size, of their breasts without medical intervention, there are a few things you can try.

‘So, what can help if my small breasts make me depressed?’ you may ask. Exercise is a great way to improve the appearance of your breast area. Chest-specific strength training exercises will target the area and improve overall posture. The strengthened pectoral muscles will also boost the appearance of the breasts, helping them to appear larger and more pert. Some great exercises to help with this include dumbbell chest presses, pectoral fly exercises, push ups and the dreaded plank!

There are also aspects of your diet that can help to improve the overall look and shape of your breasts, as well as other parts of the body of course. Milk, nuts and soy all contain ingredients essential for the healthy growth of the body, and they also contain fats and hormones that are responsible for breast growth. Furthermore, it has been found that regular massage of the breast area increases blood circulation. This allows for a smoother flow of hormones to the area which may then contribute to an increase in breast size.

Not only are these good examples of how to naturally increase your breast size, but they are also excellent ways to combat depression and low mood, whatever the reason. Feeling good about yourself should involve more than just your appearance, but understandably, these days, how we look is more important than ever before. If you can overcome insecurities about your body image, and in particular start to deal with depression due to small breasts, then your inner confidence will start to shine through.

For some women, however, depression due to small breasts is an issue that can start to take over their lives. Whether it is an underlying issue from adolescence, or a more recent problem, if it is starting to affect your daily life and the way you think about yourself then it may be time to take more permanent action.

Breast enlargement surgery has become one of the most requested forms of cosmetic procedure in the UK. It allows women from all walks of life to take control of their body shape and to change the things they feel insecure about. For those women who have struggles to find clothing to fit or who may have experienced unkind comments due to their smaller breasts, it is the ideal solution.

If you decide to find out more about breast enlargement surgery, Enhance Medical Group is a good place to start. You will benefit from an initial consultation and assessment which will allow you to consider all the options available to you. You will be able to choose the size, profile and texture of your implants, but you will be carefully guided by experts so that you can achieve the most suitable shape for your frame. You will be advised to take your lifestyle and future plans for children into account so that your new breast size and shape does not hinder your plans in any way.

Many women have chosen this as a route to overcome any depression due to small breasts. For lots of patients a very noticeable change is not what they are seeking: they simply want to feel in proportion and confident in their own skin.

Is breast enlargement for me?

Firstly, you should consider why you feel the need to change your shape. Social media is great at giving us ideas and possibilities. It is not so great at conveying what is truly ‘normal.’ In many instances the media is responsible for implying that a ‘normal’ breast size is actually much larger than the true average. Unfortunately, this leads to a skewed view of how some women think they should look. This, in turn develops insecurities, and in more extreme cases can lead to depression. Breast enlargement can do great things for your body and mind but do be careful not to overdo it. A reputable surgeon, such as those at Enhance Medical Group, will make sure your new breasts are not at odds with the rest of your body, so you can expect results that are pleasing to both body and mind.