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How to choose a bikini for your body type

How to choose a bikini for your body type

How to choose a bikini for your body type

Following years of tips and advice about how to get the perfect bikini body, things are looking up.  The ‘one size fits all’ trend about what you should look like in a bikini is fading fast, and how glad we are to hear it! The focus on health and wellbeing, rather than body size and shape, has seen a shift in the perception of how one should look in a bikini, or any other outfit for that matter. 

Despite all of this, most of us still want to make the best of what we’ve got, and maybe disguise the bits we’re not so happy with. These days we tend to consider how to choose a bikini for your body type specifically, rather than just how to choose a bikini in general. Every shape is unique, so it stands to reason that we need choice.

Where do I start?


With so many options available in bikini design it helps if we can narrow it down to the ones that will suit us the most. Let’s have a  look at some of the more important things to consider when you’re contemplating how to choose a bikini.


Start by breaking your search down into two halves – the top and the bottom. You’ll find that most stores stock tops and bottoms that can be purchased separately, so you should be able to get the fit that’s just right for your combination of sizes. It also allows you to show off your best bits and minimise the areas you might not want to draw attention to.


Consider your frame overall. Do you have wide shoulders? Are you fuller around the waist? Does your bust need a boost? Are your hips causing you concerns? Understanding your overall shape will help you to create a more balanced look when looking at how to choose a bikini for your body.


Take your style into consideration. Don’t be tempted to opt for the latest shapes and fashions if they don’t do justice to your body type. Most stores will stock a variety of styles, colours and shapes, so you should be able to mix and match and find the right combination just for you.

So what will suit me?

For those of us blessed in the bust area it can sometimes feel as though it’s overshadowing the rest of our body. Whilst it’s great to show off your assets, you will probably want to maintain some semblance of balance with your bottom half.

Choosing a fuss free top, particularly if you plan on being active, is a good way to support and minimise this area. Bandeau styles and sports inspired crop tops will do this, whilst offering support and coverage where you need it most.

If you’re more of a sun worshipper and your bikini is going to lay as still as you beside the pool, then you can opt for a stylish, but still supportive, underwired bra top. Monowire bikinis are great for adding fashionable flair whilst providing all the support and coverage that you need. Halter necks and wider straps also look great on a larger bust, whether you’re blessed naturally or you’ve chosen to enhance what you’ve got. Enhance Medical Group offers breast augmentation on a national basis, so if you’re thinking of going down that route then that’s a great place to start.

Those with a more petite top half can get away with stringy, strappy styles, or go all out and choose a padded, uplifting bra top, to add a bit of volume and shape. Choose bows, ruffles and fancy prints to draw attention and add volume in a visual sense too.

Do you feel a little off balance?

Now you’ve determined your upper body style, it’s time to concentrate on the bottom half. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have everything in perfect proportion, in which case, how to choose a bikini won’t present much of a problem.

For the rest of us mere mortals however, it’s likely that a bit of a balancing act is required to create the optical illusion that we are more evenly set, from top to bottom.

There’s a style that suits everyone, you just need to understand your shape and how to make the most of it. It’s a common misconception that if you’re heavy in the hip and bottom area then covering up is the best option. On the contrary, a style like the brazilian bikini bottom is a great way to create the illusion of a smaller bottom. Less fabric will make your bottom appear smaller, thus balancing it out with your upper body. Oddly enough, this style will also accentuate a smaller bottom by making it look fuller. Great if you want to bring it more in line with a larger bust.

Maybe you have the kind of figure that will benefit from the leg lengthening, high cut bikini bottoms. Or perhaps your athletic figure calls for hipster briefs or boy shorts. Retro styles look great if you have a fuller figure overall. Think Marilyn Monroe and polka dots. She never had a problem blossoming in a bikini, and she wasn’t a size zero!

The truth is, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how to choose a bikini for your body. What works for you may not be so great for someone else. But you have choice and lots of it. So, you can find your ideal bikini mix when you know what shape you’re working with. Concentrate on what looks good on you rather than succumbing to the fleeting fads that come and go. Not everyone can rock a spaghetti strap top and thong combo. And formal 1950’s style full briefs and flouncy tops won’t look good on some. But if you do your homework, know your body, and take time to get it right you’ll radiate confidence and style. You can sling the sarong and kick out the kaftan, as the only accessory you’ll need will be the smile on your face and the sun in the sky.