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Mentor Implants

Do surgeons consider Mentor the best implants available?

Mentor Implants

Do surgeons consider Mentor the best implants available?

Do surgeons consider Mentor the best implants available?

With so many options available it’s vital that you do your research before embarking on breast surgery of any kind. You will want to know what the best breast implants on the market are, that goes without saying. But what you also need to ask yourself is, ‘what are the best breast implants for me?’ Each patient has a different idea of their ideal result, and with such a wide choice at your disposal there will be something to suit everyone.

We’ve spoken to a number of sources – both professionals in the industry and patients alike. Now, you may not recognise the name ‘Mentor,’ but you will definitely have heard of the parent company – Johnson and Johnson.
They have carried out studies involving more than 200,000 women in order to determine what makes the best breast implants. Their Mentor brand has been determined safe and effective by medical experts and there is a wide range of sizes and profiles to choose from, so you can tailor your implants to meet your individual requirements.

With more than 2 million satisfied customers and over 2 decades of research and development, you can be sure it’s a name you can trust. So sure are the surgeons of the safety and effectiveness of the Mentor implants, they offer a warranty guarantee unique to the Mentor brand. It’s this level of confidence in their product that allows surgeons to choose Mentor over and over again, safe in the knowledge that they are using one of the best, safest and most sought after products on the market.

Any surgeon is only as good as his last patient’s review, so it’s vital that when performing breast augmentation surgery they feel confident with their materials. In this case those material are Mentor breast implants. Surgeons particularly favour the Mentor brand due to their excellent ratings for safety, durability and affordability. The brand’s commitment to product safety is reinforced by patient data covering over 200,000 patients alongside 3 trail following the patients journey over a 10 year period.

What are the best looking breast implants?

So, what are the best looking breast implants? The answer to this is entirely dependent upon your own preferences. Choosing which size, shape, and profile to opt for will be something that only you can do, based on the results you are looking to achieve.

Safety goes hand in hand with how your breast implants will look, but ultimately feeling that you have chosen the best type of breast implants for you is imperative. You have made the decision to alter the appearance of your breasts, it’s only natural that you would want to get the most pleasing results possible.

It can be an overwhelming experience, with so many options available these days, where do you start?

One of the most popular names in the industry is Mentor. Part of the Johnson and Johnson group they have established a reputation for providing safe and effective implants in a variety of options.

With Mentor implants you will be able to select the type of implant you prefer (silicone, memory gel), the size, the shape (round, teardrop), and the feel (smooth or textured). This enables you to tailor your implants to suit your lifestyle and preferred look. The more choices you have available the more likely you are to get the exact results you want, and with Mentor that is never a problem.

Surgeons using Mentor breast implants have commented that they are particularly impressed by the look and feel of them. Due to the unique manufacturing formula of the Mentor implants they very closely resemble the feel of natural breast tissue. They also mimic the natural shape of the breast, and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and projections. With so many variations available it really does give the surgeons the ability to completely tailor each procedure to their patients requirements.

What are the best type of implants?

Following your research you may find that you are still unsure what the best type of implants are. It can be overwhelming and you may still have questions. We asked our experts for their opinions and the following information details their views.

There are two main types of breast implant – saline and silicone. They both do the job well, in different ways. With the saline option you will have an implant that is filled with a saltwater solution, similar to the fluid that is found in the body. It’s also a flexible choice as the volume of the implant can be adjusting during or after surgery. This makes altering the size at a later date quite simple.

Silicone implants, such as the Mentor memory gel products, are a great choice, and preferred by many surgeons and patients. They are less likely to rupture than saline implants for a start, and the chances of rippling are much reduced. From an aesthetic perspective they provide a softer shape, more naturally resembling breast tissue and therefor creating a more natural appearance. With a range of volumes on offer, and both smooth and textured shells available, it’s easy to see why they are so popular with surgeons and patients alike. And the 98% patient satisfaction is confirmation of this.