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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

from £6995

Breast reduction is the perfect procedure if you're looking to improve posture or stop back pains.

I had a great experience with Enhance Medical Group. The whole team is amazing and guide you all along the process. They really cared for me and treated me like family.

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Resize & Reshape

Breast reduction surgery can help improve posture and give you the confidence to adapt your wardrobe to reflect your personality. Achieve the size and shape that works for you.

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From £6995

We quite possibly offer the most competitively priced cosmetic surgery on the UK market due to our independently owned hospitals and our strong relationships with our surgeons.

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Body Transformation

Improve the way you feel about your body with affordable surgery from Enhance Medical. We can improve your appearance using popular enlargement, reduction and reshaping surgery.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, also known as mammaplasty, mammoplasty or mastoplasty, removes excess breast tissue to reduce breast size. Opting to reduce the size of your breasts can help relieve back pain and make it easier to find well-fitting clothes. It has proven to increase the confidence of many women which is why the procedure is as popular as breast enhancement surgery.

Breast reduction surgery may be right for you if you have overly large breasts which cause you discomfort on a daily basis or your breasts increased considerably in size during or after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Mammoplasty Procedure

Prior to embarking on breast reduction surgery you will meet with a surgeon to discuss your specific needs. Your surgeon will examine your breasts and discuss the various options for reduction. On some occasions your surgeon will recommend liposuction to extract fat from the breast before performing surgery.

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Read through frequently asked questions that are asked during the free consultation. If you have any further questions please contact us.

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  • Am I being vain by choosing a reduction?

    Taking care of ourselves is not a vanity.  You deserve to feel happy with who you are, how you look and how you feel.  Back and shoulder pain need not be endured, and ill-fitting clothes can become a thing of the past.

  • How much smaller can my breasts be reduced?

    Every patient is individual.  You will have the opportunity to discuss the most appropriate and achievable results with your surgeon.

  • Who is a good candidate for reduction surgery?

    Anyone who is impacted by the discomfort, and sometimes embarrassment caused by very large or heavy breasts will benefit from breast reduction surgery.  Alternatively, you may wish to change your shape purely for cosmetic purposes.  We are here to guide you whatever your requirement.

  • What will I look like after this form of cosmetic surgery?

    As with any surgery, cosmetic included, you can expect 7-10 days of bruising after your reduction.  Occasionally patients experience a longer recovery period, and you will not really see the full benefits of your surgery for several months.


    Yes, but there is a separate procedure for male reductions, or gynaecomastia. This can produce a sleek, trim physique by removing the excess fat and skin from the chest area, relieving the distress and embarrassment that this condition can cause.

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From start to finish I have LOVED my experience with Enhance. All their staff are so amazing and caring and if you’re thinking about having surgery with them in the future - don’t wait any longer because you will not be disappointed.

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  • Competitive Prices

    Competitive Prices

    From £6995

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