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Do men get plastic surgery?

Do men get plastic surgery?

Do men get plastic surgery?

There has been a long held belief that cosmetic surgery procedures are the domain of women. Historically, that has been the trend. Women still account for the majority of cosmetic procedures, but men are starting to recognise the benefits of going under the knife, both physically and mentally. So why do men get plastic surgery now, when it used to be quite a taboo subject amongst them? Things have certainly changed over the last few years, and most likely we have social media to thank, as well as the rise in beach based tv shows. There’s less of a stigma attached to it, it’s more acceptable and men seem happy to advertise their before and after pictures with confidence. But what do men get plastic surgery for? Do men get plastic surgery to please themselves, or someone else? Let’s have a look at this rising trend in a little more detail, and see what is popular in this field at the moment.

Why are more men getting plastic surgery?

As the gender gap continues to narrow, men are much less likely to think of cosmetic surgery as female only territory. Thanks to selfie culture and Hollywood movies, men are no longer feeling the stigma that used to be associated with cosmetic procedures. The male grooming industry is booming; looking after body and mind is considered more of a priority and men are more likely to be open about getting work done. Some plastic surgery clinics target men specifically in their promotional campaigns. It may be given a more ‘macho’ slant, or try to appeal to the gym buddies for example. It has definitely become a separate market worth tapping into, and this emphasis on attracting the male audience makes it easier for new clients to take the plunge.

What are the reasons for getting plastic surgery?

So why do men get plastic surgery these days? What drives them to go down that route? It’s different for everyone, of course, but there are some common reasons that men choose surgical procedures.

Perhaps they’ve lost weight, done all the work, and now just want to add the finishing touches. Liposuction is the ‘go to’ procedure for men in this position. Similarly, if they’ve spent years sculpting the ideal body, but just need a couple of nips and tucks to complete the look, this is often where they start. As the years go by, men choosing cosmetic procedures look towards facial treatments. Facelifts and eyelid procedures are popular, particularly amongst men in their 50s and 60s. But by far the most popular procedure, amongst men in the UK, is rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job. In fact, almost 10% of all men’s cosmetic surgery is for rhinoplasty, closely followed by eyelid and ear procedures. So if you’re apprehensive, and you’re wondering, ‘do men get nose jobs?’ then rest assured that it’s a procedure very much on the rise.

What drives men to get nose jobs?

As with anyone getting plastic surgery, the reasons are many and varied. It’s important that you take your time researching the industry. Look at reviews and speak to people who have undergone procedures at the clinic you are considering. People are always happy to share their experiences, good and bad, so you should be able to get accurate information from people who have already had the surgery. So why do guys get nose jobs? Certainly over the last couple of years there has been an increased demand for rhinoplasty procedures. We’ve been forced to look at ourselves on endless ‘Zoom’ calls and family facetimes, and we haven’t always liked what we’ve seen. Facial symmetry has become more of a consideration as we scrutinise our face from every angle to get the perfect selfie. For some men, the issue can go from making them unhappy, to full blown low self esteem and mental health issues. Why else do men get nose jobs? It can be due to medical reasons, such as difficulty breathing. Perhaps you’ve suffered an injury to your nose and it looks or feels different from before. Rhinoplasty can solve these problems just as well as making your nose smaller, straighter or sitting at a better angle.

What do I need to consider if I want a nose job?

When you’re considering any type of cosmetic surgery it’s important that you take a few things into consideration before you take the final plunge. This type of procedure can be costly, and it can come with complications, so it’s worthwhile spending time finding the best clinic to carry out your procedure. You’ll want to be sure that you are given all the information you require before your procedure. However, you should also consider the aftercare provisions and the logistics of attending post operative appointments. Ideally, a local clinic will be easier to attend, and will also be on hand to provide support at a later date should you need it. Here at Enhance Medical Group we have a number of excellent clinics dotted around the UK. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the very best in terms of surgeons and clinical facilities. As you do your research you will notice differences in pricing. Don’t assume the most expensive is the best, or the cheapest has the least to offer. Reviews on-line and being able to speak to previous clients is the best way to judge who to use. Finally, be realistic about what your surgeon can achieve. Understanding the limitations of the surgeon with your particular circumstances is the best way to achieve satisfaction with the end results.

So, why do men get plastic surgery? The simple answer is, ‘for the same reasons as women.’ Whether it’s down to health, appearance or injury, getting rhinoplasty surgery is nothing to feel awkward about. It’s a popular procedure that offers a relatively quick and easy solution to a problem you don’t have to live with. Women have reaped the benefits of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for years. It’s time for men to take control of their image, without embarrassment or shame, and get started on a potentially life changing journey.