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Male Baldness

Coping with Male Pattern Baldness

Male Baldness

Coping with Male Pattern Baldness

Coping with Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is when a man begins to lose his head hair in a certain pattern. The hair begins to recede around the temples at first, then will thin on the crown until most hair on the top of the head has gone, leaving hair only on the side of the head.

Of course, male pattern baldness can have detrimental effects not only physically for a man, but also mentally. Learning to cope with MPB is imperative to staying in a good head space, but can be difficult as it can seem like a battle you cannot win. Different male pattern baldness cures have been thrown around online with varying degrees of success, but there is only one real means of effective hair rejuvenation, a hair transplant.

Hair loss is hard to take for any man. Hair is such an important part of overall aesthetic, so the affects of baldness can be incredibly harmful to a man’s psyche and body image. We will look at the common causes of hair loss and how to prevent these. Also, we will take a dive into the effects on mental health, as well as going through popular online remedies and why they do not compare to the overall benefits of hair transplants.

Causes of Male Hair Loss

Before you start to worry about male pattern baldness cures you should first understand the common causes and means of preventing even the most minimal hair loss.

With that being said, the most common cause of male pattern baldness is often impossible to avoid. Hair loss is commonly a hereditary issue. When something is hereditary it means that it is passed on through genetics in your family. If a male member of your family has struggled with male pattern baldness, it could be possible that the gene has been passed onto you. It is hard to prevent this form of male pattern baldness, and it will gradually get worse with age. However, just because a male family member has struggled does not mean that you will too.

Another major factor in male hair loss is stress. Excessive stress levels can lead to temporary hair loss and is common for a wide variety of age groups. In fact, stress is one of the leading means of hair loss for 20-year-old males due to issues such as exams, puberty and other factors revolving around problems faced at that age, such as relationships. Stress based hair loss is often temporary, and once you have gotten into a better frame of mind you should notice hair regrowth.

Male pattern baldness can also be attributed to changes in hormones or medical problems. Often it is age that brings on male pattern baldness. In the US, over 50 million men aged over 50 have experienced differing levels of MPB. This can be due to a change in the balance of hormones or could be because of medications that are taken with illnesses brought on by age. Some medications including those used to treat cancer, heart problems and blood pressure can also bring on differing levels of hair loss.

Reduce Stress

Male Pattern Baldness and Mental Health

Unfortunately, baldness and depression go hand in hand. The mental health effects of losing hair can lead to both men and women to fall into a depression due to body image and self-esteem issues. In severe cases people could find that hair loss leads to suicidal thoughts and tendencies. This is why it is so important to find a male pattern baldness treatment that works.

As mental health problems become less taboo to speak about, it has become clear that no matter the issue you need to find an effective way to work through it. Often, visiting a therapist to discuss problems is a great way to get things off your chest. With self-esteem and body image problems it is important to remember that it is about who you are on the inside as opposed to outside image, and that the majority of people will not even think about, or notice your hair loss. This is easier said than done. Sometimes you may find that male pattern baldness cures are the only way for helping your mental health

Popular Online Remedies

There are a number of male pattern baldness treatments that anyone can access online. However, as stated by the NHS, finding something that provides the efficacy you are looking for be difficult, but there are solutions out there which may help. Popular chemicals used in the treatment of hair loss are finasteride and minoxidil. Finasteride is commonly used for men with prostate issues, but when taken in small doses can help with hair loss. Finasteride should only be used for men and would not be suitable for female use.

Similarly, minoxidil can be used for women and can help somewhat with hair loss. Minoxidil is a male pattern baldness cure that helps to increase blood flow to hair follicles. This increase in blood flow stimulates the follicles to help extend the growth stage for your hair follicles. It is incredibly important however to remember that neither finasteride or minoxidil are proven to work for everyone, and by no means are a definite solution.

Other male pattern baldness cures that are discussed online are more left field. Some people believe that regular exercise such as running or yoga can lead to reduced hair loss as they help to relieve stress, whereas other people believe drinking certain drinks like onion juice or green tea can be beneficial. These of course are speculative and have no scientific proof. The only certified method of regaining hair is through transplantation.


Here are several frequently asked questions that people ask about male pattern baldness. Feel free to book a free consultation if you want to move forward with hair transplant surgery.

  • Can Male Pattern Baldness be Cured?

    Unfortunately, male pattern baldness cannot be permanently cured without a cosmetic hair transplant. There are certain treatments that you can try but they will not provide you with the natural, full head of hair that you desire.

  • Can a hair transplant look natural?

    Any professional cosmetic surgery will provide you with a natural head of hair after a hair transplant. It is important that you choose to receive any cosmetic surgery from an approved and professional surgery provider.

  • Is baldness unattractive?

    No. Baldness is not unattractive. However, you may feel unconfident if you are bald which is why modern advances in cosmetic surgery are so important. Everyone deserves to feel positive about their physical appearance. Before going ahead with any permanent surgery such as a hair transplant, be sure that it is the right decision for you.

  • Does stress cause hair loss?

    Hair loss can be caused by stress but the majority of men who experience MPB because of genetics. Lifestyle can always cause physical changes to the body which is why it is so important to look after your physical and mental wellbeing.

Why Choose a Hair Transplant?

As previously mentioned, hair transplantation is the only male pattern baldness treatment that has been scientifically proven to provide guaranteed results. These treatments are the best was of receiving the efficacy you desire. Improvements to the hair transplant procedure mean that we can offer our clients incredible improvements to their hair at affordable prices.

Hair transplants are an amazing way to regain your hair, boost your body image and increase self-esteem by giving you a full head of hair once again. The procedure often involves moving hair from a donor area onto the area of the head that requires rejuvenation and can be undertaken quickly and effectively without the need for general anaesthetic. We provide these procedures, as well as some proven methods at Enhance Hair Restoration. To book your free hair transplantation consultation contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you and beginning your male pattern baldness treatment.