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Arm Lift Surgery

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Get arms that you love with safe and affordable arm lift surgery.
Remove fat and excess skin.

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Arm Lift Procedures

An arm lift is a cosmetic procedure carried out to remove unwanted loose skin from the upper arm area in order to create a more pleasant shape between the elbow and armpit. When the skin is stretched, often it gets to the point of no return and the elasticity is lost. If weight is lost again then the skin is unlikely to spring back, resulting in undesirable, hanging skin. Arm lift surgery is carried out entirely for cosmetic reasons but could help you to establish confidence and feel happier within yourself.

Loose skin on the arms can be caused by any of the following: hereditary, ageing, weight loss or weight gain.

Sagging underarm skin removal is commonly referred to as bingo wings surgery and is typically carried out under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will begin by making incisions either in the armpit or on the inside of the arm. If the surgery is used in conjunction with liposuction to enhance results, then the surgeon will perform this step next and remove excess fat from the arms and any of the surrounding areas. Finally, the unwanted skin is removed before the remaining skin is stretched across the area and stitched in place.

As previously mentioned, arm lift surgery can be performed in addition to other types of procedure to help enhance results and sculpt the arm further into the desired shape. Liposuction is the most common treatment to have alongside an arm lift and our patients typically target not only the upper arms but their forearms, armpits, shoulders, and breasts. Another favourite is to get a thigh lift or tummy tuck alongside an arm lift to remove excess skin from multiple areas and created a sculpted look across the entire body, not just the arms.

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Read through all of the frequently asked questions we are asked during the free consultation. We welcome all patients to ask as many questions as possible so that we can guarantee you complete peace of mind.

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  • What is the recovery process?

    You will require a few weeks to recover from your treatment and you should avoid strenuous activity and exercise for up to 6 weeks. During the first week you will experience bruising and swelling so you should take up to 2 weeks off work and avoid driving in this period too. You will be required to wear a support garment following the procedure, but your surgeon will give you more detail on this.

  • Will I be left with scars?

    You may have scars concealed in your armpit which will be barely noticeable or you could be left with a scar on the inside of your arm which will be more visible. Your surgeon will advise what is best for you, but all scars will eventually begin to fade with time to become less prominent.

  • How long will my results last?

    Your results will be long-lasting as long as you remain at a healthy weight with little fluctuation. Your body will continue to age so the inevitable wrinkles will still appear, but your arms will continue looking tighter than prior to surgery.

  • Are there any risks involved?

    As with any surgery, there are a number of risks involved including infection, bleeding and numbness. However, choosing a highly qualified, skilled, and experienced surgeon can help to drastically reduce the chance of any implications and leave you 100% satisfied with your experience.

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