Patients are significantly less mobile after surgery. For this reason, we recommend our patients to buy LIPOELASTIC® post op bras and breast bands, because they offer different styles and types of fastening to meet all patients’ needs.


We recommend LIPOELASTIC® bras because:

    1. Their products are certified – OEKO-Tex
    2. Products were designed by top specialist in field
    3. They are manufactured to make it easy to put on and wear
    4. Can be worn throughout the entire recovery period without causing discomfort or interrupting any activity or daily living
    5. They have a front fastening design, which makes it easier to put on post operatively
  1. The bras have support at the base of the breast – which is where most of the weight is carried
  2. The straps are thicker than a conventional bra and the coverage is fuller, to stabilise and support the new breasts as they settle into their new shape
  3. The Materials used in all the Lipoelastic bras is soft comfortable, durable and LATEX FREE so as not to lose compression even after repeated wash cycles.

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Sizing is very important to the right outcome of the procedure, for this reason LIPOELASTIC has a dedicated helpline and support staff, who can be reached on 0208 090 5001 via online chat or using email address. You can also visit Medical Compression Boutique by LIPOELASTIC – in Central London within a few minutes’ walk of Harley Street where you can book your appointment, to try bras on.

Oeko-Tex Certified Post Op Bras


Pi Active Variant Post Surgery Compression Bras
Pi Extra Variant Post Surgery Compression Bras
Pi Ideal Variant Post Surgery Compression Bras
Pi Special Comfort