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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Prices available upon consultation.

Restore your physical confidence and feel less self conscious about your appearance with a professional and safe hair transplant.

So happy with Enhance everybody was so lovely and reassuring going out of my comfort zone and everybody made me so comfortable. Thank you all so much

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Achieve your dream look with safe and affordable male cosmetic surgery. We are a team of specialist cosmetic surgeons who are passionate about getting the results you desire.

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We provide affordable hair transplants without compromising on the results. Don't be fooled into cheap, untrustworthy clinics. Choose a team you can trust and get real results designed to last. We care about you and are passionate about your appearance.

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We hire leading experts who are passionate about cosmetic surgery and getting you results. We work hard to ensure you get the best surgery available in the UK and this includes hair transplants. We are sensitive to your needs and aim to boost your self esteem.

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Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is designed to move hair to areas around the head where you are missing hair or have identified thinning. This type of procedure is only available through private practices such as Enhance Medical. Baldness tends to affect men more than women. It can truly affect your self esteem which is why it is worth going ahead with a hair transplant to get your life back on track.

Hair transplant surgeries are suitable for anyone with permanent hair loss and patchy areas.

It is best to go with a clinic you can trust to avoid unwanted results. We care about your cosmetic results and only hire qualified surgeons with the experience needed to restore your hair without any compromise.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration procedures are completed whilst you are awake. You will be under local anaesthetic but will not feel any pain.

The hair transplant involves advance methods that will be discussed with you during the surgery.

You will only require around 3 days off work after the surgery to ensure no unwanted issues arise. It is recommend that you are very careful after the procedure for 2 weeks avoiding any unnecessary activities that can affect areas that have been treated.

We provide a free consultation to guarantee you receive the best advice available. This includes payment information about finance options and what is required for you to get the best results.

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Find out more about hair transplant surgery options and start your hair revival journey now.

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  • Will I be put to sleep during the surgery?

    No, however it will be carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation. This means you will be awake but feel no pain or discomfort.

  • Will a Hair Transplant Leave me with any Visible Scars?

    It is possible that you may have some scarring as a result of the surgery but this will be very minor and almost invisible to the naked eye. Our surgeons are professional and aim to provide you with the best cosmetic results.

  • Do I Need to Take Time Off Work After the Surgery?

    We recommend that you take at least 1 week off work after the surgery to aid recovery. It is likely that you will feel tired and dazed after the surgery so it is recommended that you are driven home by a friend or family member. To avoid any unwanted accidents it is best to rest during the recovery period, avoiding any unnecessary movement or physical activities.

Amazing experience and highly recommend

Thank you so much Enhance Medical for my experience. I was really worried about the surgery and the lead up to it. However the staff, team and support that came from them was amazing. I cant recommend them enough.

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  • Book A Consultation

    Book Your Free Consultation

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    Before going ahead with male hair transplant surgery we provide a free consultation to check your health records and to fully explain the procedure to make you 100% comfortable before proceeding.

  • Competitive Prices

    Competitive Prices

    Prices available upon consultation

    We provide competitively priced hair transplant procedures without compromising on the quality of the surgical procedure or your safety. We also offer finance options to make payment easier and more affordable for you.

  • 5* Star Reviews

    5* Star Reviews

    We collect reviews on independent review sites to ensure you are completely confident in the surgical option we provide. We always aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to get you the best cosmetic results.