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Six things to consider when choosing your cosmetic surgery provider

Six things to consider when choosing your cosmetic surgery provider

With cosmetic surgery growing in popularity year after year, you might feel spoilt for choice. You might also feel slightly overwhelmed by the decision ahead of you. How do you begin to narrow down the vast array of options ahead of you? To help you begin your journey we’ve put together a list of six things to consider when choosing your cosmetic surgery provider.

Cosmetic Surgery Near Me


‘Cosmetic surgery near me’ is one of the most searched for phrases from people considering a cosmetic procedure. This speaks for itself – most people prefer to stay local. Adding further costs in the way of travel and unnecessary hotel expenses can be avoided by searching for ‘cosmetic surgery near me,’ before you make any decisions. Staying local allows for an easier transition back home in order to recover. It also makes follow up visits less of a chore.

Qualifications needed for a plastic surgeon


You will probably want to know more about the qualifications needed for a plastic surgeon to practice. All surgeons MUST be registered doctors. They will have completed a five-year Medical Degree, a two year foundation programme of general training, two years of core surgical training in a hospital and up to six years of specialist training. Enhance Medical Group surgeons are also members of the FRCS (Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons), which is necessary in order to practise as a senior surgeon in the UK. Enhance Medical Group is also regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This monitors, inspects and regulates hospitals and clinics to ensure the highest standards of care and safety are met. Only then do you want to hear about their experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. All our surgeons are also registered with the GMC – General Medical Council.

Reviews and recommendations

Once you feel confident that you have found someone, with the relevant qualifications needed for a plastic surgeon, you can begin to do your research on them. Ideally you will want to see ‘before and after’ images – this is a great way to determine whether they produce the type of results you are looking for. Then you need to look at reviews online – do they meet your standards? Are there any happy customers you can contact? A reputable cosmetic surgeon will be more than happy to provide you with details of past clients. You can also speak to the office of the surgeon – do they sound helpful and friendly, are they listening to you and answering your questions? These things are important as they set the tone for the surgery. A helpful, amiable team suggests they have your best interests at heart.

Recovery time

When you’re contemplating a surgical procedure, you will need to factor in the recovery period afterwards. You may need to book time off work and this needs to be arranged with your employer well in advance. Depending on your lifestyle and personal circumstances you might also need some help at home whilst you recover. Your cosmetic surgery provider will be able to give you a good indication of how long your recovery time is likely to be. They should provide you with all of their after-care procedures, and how long it will take for the effects of your surgery to settle.

Plastic surgery cost


Are you financially prepared to cover the costs of cosmetic surgery? How much does plastic surgery cost? These are just two questions you should be asking yourself before you make any final decisions. The cost of surgery differs from procedure to procedure and from clinic to clinic. Remember – the most expensive is not always the best. Cost is likely to be a factor in your decision making, but it shouldn’t be the most important consideration. Don’t forget about additional costs too – you may have travel and accommodation to include in your final costs, as well as time away from work.

Have realistic expectations

Everyone is different, so it’s important that you don’t compare your potential results to someone else’s. Educate yourself before you go ahead – will your results be permanent? How long will they take to settle? Look at plenty of ‘before and after’ photos so that you have a better idea of a realistic outcome.

There’s a lot to consider, and rightly so. Deciding to go ahead with any cosmetic procedure is a big decision and you need to be prepared. The more information you can gather, the better. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t stop until you feel comfortable and well informed.