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Cosmetic surgeon in face mask

How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon For Your Procedure

Cosmetic surgeon in face mask

How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon For Your Procedure

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Over the years cosmetic surgery has shed the stigma formerly attached to it.  It has become a popular, run of the mill choice for men and women from all walks of life. In order to cope with the rising demand for cosmetic procedures, there has been a marked increase in the number of clinics opening around the UK.  As positive as this sounds, there is a danger that flooding the market with so many options may lead to a dilution in the quality of the services offered.  How to find a plastic surgeon you can trust is not straightforward, particularly when there are so many to choose from.  There are lots of things to consider when you are looking to start your cosmetic surgery journey.  Cost, location and reputation are just a few things that you will want to research when you’re wondering how to find the best cosmetic surgeon.  Here are a few tips and some things to look out for, when you start to research, ‘How to find a plastic surgeon you can trust.’

Can I check the credentials of the Clinic?

Any clinic belonging to the Enhance Medical Group is a member of the Care Quality Commission, who monitor, inspect and regulate hospitals and clinics. 

Should I research the Surgeons?

It’s relatively easy, these days, to research potential surgeons.  Searching online should show up any causes for concern, but try to dig a little deeper if you can.  In order to practise as a surgeon, in the UK, the requirements include a Medical Degree followed by Foundation training, holding a Junior Surgeon post and then up to six years of specialist training.  Another way to find out more about a surgeon is to ask for advice on forums and from previous clients.  Satisfied clients will be happy to share their experiences of how to find a plastic surgeon you can trust.  Disgruntled ones, even more so! 

Any surgeon that carries out cosmetic surgery must be registered with the GMC (General Medical Council). The surgeons are individually registered and are provided with a GMC number that you can research on their website. A top quality clinic, such as those belonging to the Enhance Medical Group, will only ever employ surgeons with all the necessary qualifications, and a wealth of successful procedures behind them.

Can I visit the clinic?

The trend to travel abroad and ‘make a holiday’ out of your surgery has really taken off.  Celebrities and influencers alike are singing the praises of clinics in sunnier climes.  The cost is generally lower, and you get some sun on your skin to boot.  However, this is not necessarily the best option for everyone.  It’s important that you get the opportunity to visit the clinic and meet the team, including the surgeon, prior to your procedure.  This is much easier if your clinic is within daily commuting distance.  Visiting the clinic will give you the opportunity to see the facilities and meet the team.  It also means that any follow-up appointments are easy to keep.  You will be able to determine whether or not the clinic is suitable for your requirements; something that would be very difficult if you had to travel abroad.  The savings you might make, by choosing a cheaper surgeon abroad, may well be swallowed up by the additional costs of travel and accommodation.  Remember, how to find the best cosmetic surgeon is very different from how to find the cheapest. 

Be realistic 

When your primary concern revolves around how to find a plastic surgeon you can trust, you can be forgiven for getting carried away.  The best surgeon in the world will still have limitations.  It’s imperative that you are realistic in your expectations of what can be achieved.  Spend time with the surgeon and their team prior to committing to anything.  Make sure they understand what you want the results to be, and be sure to listen to what they tell you is achievable.

Is it ok to ask questions?

Undergoing surgery is a serious business, however simple the procedure may be. When you’re looking for how to find the best cosmetic surgeons, establishing trust with the clinic is vital.  By spending time asking questions and gathering information from other sources you should be able to allay any fears and have full confidence in both the clinic and the surgeon.  You should have a clear understanding of the procedure, the recovery process, after care and costs.  Anything else you have queries about should also be discussed until you are completely happy.  

Referrals and testimonials

The internet is flooded with images and stories of successful surgeries.  Men and women are always keen to show off their results, good or bad.  Use this to your advantage, but don’t rely on it as your only source of information.  If you get the opportunity to speak to former patients of the surgeon you are planning to use, don’t hold back.  Use it as an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need, and you should get the help you need when researching how to find a plastic surgeon you can trust.

When you embark upon your cosmetic surgery journey it’s vital that your expectations match the reality of what can be achieved.  It’s just as important that you feel confident and comfortable with the surgeon and all the support staff.  Do your research and don’t go ahead with anything until you are completely satisfied with all the information you have gathered.  Plastic surgery is a serious business, and research into it needs to be given the time and understanding it deserves.  Take your time deciding what is best for you and your lifestyle.  We are all individuals, and your surgery will be unique to you.  So research, plan and prepare before you take the plunge.  You’ll be glad you did.