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Total Patient Confidence

Enhance Medical Group offers an expanding network of surgical facilities in a number of locations in the UK for your convenience, including London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Midlands and Liverpool. In fact, Hammersmith offers day care facilities for a number of procedures.

Enhance Medical Group has become the UK’s leading provider of cosmetic surgery.

Enhance Medical Group’s private clinics are professional and modern, yet offer a friendly and comfortable ambiance to put you at ease for any consultations, aftercare appointments or reviews.

Enhance Medical Group’s philosophy is based on providing very high standards across a comprehensive range of surgical, and non surgical treatments and procedures. While our competitors tend to choose one area of specialism, we are specialists in a number of areas and are therefore able to build an impressive network of clinics staffed by an expert team to cater to a wide variety of patient requirements.

With this level of care, you the patient can have complete confidence in your cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery and non surgical treatment or procedure.

Enhance Medical Group is fully registered in the UK, and therefore licensed to provide services, by the Care Quality Commission.

Over 70% of our Patient Care Coordinators have had treatment!

Our medical team along with our administration staff have been engaged to provide you with all the relevant care and support you need. In fact over 70% of our Patient Care Coordinators have themselves had cosmetic surgery or weight loss surgery. This in itself stands testament to the fact they have total confidence in our services, and are very knowledgeable about plastic surgery and obesity surgery having experienced it first hand. Along with an experienced medical team, this ensures that Enhance Medical have the best people here to help deliver your treatment.

Competitive Prices

We work hard to provide exceptional standards of surgery and care for our patients. However, we also believe that providing great value is vital and our customers appreciate our competitive prices. It is important to see a Patient Care Coordinator to see what procedure is right for you and receive a personal quotation. However, to give you an indication of the pricing.

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